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  • I know there is nothing worse than somebody spamming and advertising another forum on any site, but we just need a little helping hand. I'm looking for loanees and not permenant transfers.

    Footy-Fans first hit the web as Premfootball about 5 years ago and we expanded, changed name and set up individual fanzines for clubs. After some bickering over prices with an unamed host, we were forced to close our doors at the begining of this year.

    Now we're trying to relight the spark, but having lost our original member list and contact details, it's proving to be a tough call. This is where I'm asking for your help.

    If I can borrow some of the members from here and ask you to sign up, say hi and give us the look of a working forum to attract new members, we would be eternally grateful.

    My apologies to the admin team here, as I said we're not trying to poach members, just loan for a short while and help us get things going again.


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