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  • Seadhach Seadhach Sep 2, 2007 01:30 Flag

    Will we be promoted?

    I think we have a great chance especially after those super wins against Luton and Notts Forest (AWAY)!!!!
    Please tell me your opinions.

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    • What did i say last week??
      at this rate whole season without a defeat ??
      can't honestly see anyone out there to beat us. like i said other teams evwen the whole country must be running scared. this 15 point deduction could be a blessing in disguise the whole team as pulled together and look at this was it 27 or 28,000 attendance even some of those in the premiership cant beat that. they'll all be regretting the day they said LUFC were dead & buried

      Marching on together

    • wait for the desert, 15 points back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That is true, but things are starting to heat up nicely......................

    • In your dreams nige........feel sorry the way the fa has treated them ..Yes........you will be saying i'm a jack next......LOL
      tell john the leagues dont lie.....Anyway, hope we dont play you next season....calm down you lot!!!!! because we will be in the Prem and you lot will be in the Championship...


    • Oh right, suppose hanging was the best option, they could have asked it to play for Cardiff...........

      "I'll take the noose, anything but that!!!"

      (only joking Tez!!!)

    • If you get Graham Kavanagh from us on loan and he stays fit bank on the play offs at least. you may remember his performance last season at Elland Road for Sunderland

    • I thought the story was universally known ! I will stand being corrected by anyone who knows the story better. It goes something like this, Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I begin. World War 1, the coastal area is being patrolled in the Hartlepool vicinity by a Dads Army type ensemble,National Guard. They are on the lookout for invading Germans, they are obviously twitched and find a monkey dressed in human clothing.Probably escaped from a circus, but who knows. The said monkey is arrested, tried and hung as a German spy, thats pretty much it. There must be some truth in it because people from Hartlepool getting very upset about the mention even now 90 years later !

    • Bats! We cannot be the verbal virtuoso that Winston Churchill was!

    • I was in a restaurant in Benoni Near Johannesburg when the monkey incident was mentioned to a guy called Harry who hailed from Hartlepool. Well Harry responded by saying words to the effect " Yes and you have teeth like a horse, I will come down there and kick the f-----s out !" Nothing unusual you may think, apart from he was talking to a woman who was with her rather well made husband !
      Its just a rather delicate subject........

    • the answer to that is yes.....

      minus 15 points was a shameful treatment of a good club with a great history.....tax problems-whos fault not the fans or the players...administration- whos fault not the fans or the players...Mr Bates-who asked for him not the fans or the players, but still you keep on winning.........SO GO ON LEEDS.. prove em all wrong and get up to the premiership where you belong...
      When you get there and you come to Upton Park to play my beloved West Ham..come in the Castle for a pint................

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