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    Someone, Somewhere, hates Leeds United!!

    Is this vindictive or what...........................................

    Leeds denied full FA membership
    Fri 07 Sep, 11:00 AM

    Leeds have been denied full membership of the Football Association as they are unable to prove all their non-football creditors have been paid.The League One club still owe money to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in unpaid tax and VAT following their turbulent spell in administration and the FA have decided to withdraw a number of their privileges.

    They are still able to compete in all football competitions, including the FA Cup, but they will be unable to vote at any general meetings of the FA or receive FA Cup final tickets, which are made available to member clubs.

    A statement on Leeds' official website read: "The club has made an application to the Football Association to transfer full membership following administration.

    "The Football Association have not yet approved this request as we have been unable to demonstrate that all non-football creditors have been satisfied.

    "All monies owed to other football clubs and members of the football family have been met in full. The reason that non-football creditors have not yet been satisfied is that the CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) was not completed due to the stance of the HMRC.

    "The club would prefer to be a full member of the FA, but it is also comfortable that not being a member will not prevent us from doing anything we need to do." ....................................... Seems to me that it's ok to break league rules, amd play in-eligible players, but should you upset the money men.......

    What does anyone think about this latest kick in the goolies?

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    • Maybe this is conspiracy paranoia but I just tried to post on this site a new thread with the tag 'Do something about it' in which I listed all the people and their contact details we should petition to get some transparency about and justice for Leeds and the message was blocked. Any comments?

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      • Andrew ....Don't think it will make the slightest bit of difference anyway, It will be blocked because it infringes on peoples human right to privacy, and blame Tony Blair for that one.

        Vinny emailed Lancaster Gate, which he posted on here, and the reply (YES HE GOT ONE) was so negative in saying in a nice sort of way ...' if we've got something to say, we'll tell you if you need to know, and you'll be the last to know'.

        Good try Andrew, but you should know by now that you are a fan, you are bottom of the pile, and you will be told on a need to know basis only. Just keep handing you money in at the turnstile...thats what they want, Anything else they will f*ck up for themselves.

    • I agree that this seems to prove what we have always suspected: that the name of Leeds United attracts a certain type of hatred not reserved for any other club.

      On the bright side, I can't understand how being eligible to vote or receiving a few tickets for a match we are unlikely to participate in in the foreseeable future, will impact our progress over this season.

      The allegation of two weights and two measures has finally been proven. West Ham, although a club steeped in history and tradition (and I quite like them too), do not have the successful track record that Leeds United have They have never won the league, for example. In this sense, at least, we are a bigger club; so it can't be that they do not have time for a small provincial club like Leeds.

      I also disagree with what some of you said about us being from the north. I don't think that the FA particularly hate Liverpool, Man U, Man C, Everton, etc. and they are all from the north.

      They could be genuinely trying to set an example using Leeds United to prevent future financial irregularlites in football management. There's one thing that logic prevents me to understand here. Surely, if an irregularity has been committed, the most potentially successful deterrent is to discipline the perpetrators. In business, if a director is found guilty of financial irregularities, it is he who is censored and not the shareholders.

      In addition, can anyone please explain if this makes any sense?

      Problem: Leeds United directors have made a dog's dinner out of the club's finances and took the club to the brink of bankruptcy.

      FA solution: Let's penalise the club by 15 points to increase their chances of relegation, reducing their support and in the process putting a greater financial burden on the club.

      It's funny that Nige should be citing the Treaty of Versailles as an example, because it is very valid. Germany, a proud nation that was bankrupted after the war was humiliated and asked to pay unbelievable reparations that it could never pay. Result: a new war.

      I say that the FA should be populated with people who should have at least a modicum of logic. Let's not talk football just yet. Getting them to think straight is more of a priority at this point. The complexity of managing a football association can be explained to them at a later stage.

    • Totally agree I said from the start of the new season we should get behind the management team and the players and its good to see everyone seems to be doing just that. I now hope that as we have now recovered the 15 points, the season now starts and we must push on and climb the table asap, hopefully this team will do it but they must not think the hard work is now done and they can relax.

    • Hi Art, the charitable side of me agrees with you entirely. The darker remains to be convinced, many supporters were calling for Wise and Bates head last season. Five wins at a lower level is scant reward for relegation. That said, we are in this together.Whether the present management get us out of this remains to be seen.Credit where credit is due, we are a more financially sound club than we have been for several years....and as you point out, we have some willing players which we have not had since O learys team in the premiership..!

    • Hi guys, Hope you dont mind me joining in the debate.
      The last quarter of last season saw us put a decent run together and it gave us all a bit of hope that we could avoid relegation, but it was not to be.
      There were a few has beens then that have been replaced with players who knew we had a 15 point deficit but still wanted to play for the club. They are showing a willingness to play and battle for a win that was not there last season as often as we would have liked.
      Denis Wise deserves some praise for his persuasive skills in selling the club to these players.
      These last 5 results have given us all a big lift and if we can get over the next hurdle...... Out of the bottom 3 in the next 5 games then who knows where we could be at xmas.
      If we can perform the miracle of promotion this season what a fantastic slap in the face that would be to the F.A. It would tell them that you can kick Leeds to the ground but you will never keep us down, we will always come up bigger and better than before.
      For those of you who are in the Villa score predictions league, you know where I am off to tomorrow.
      Marching on.

    • Someone, Somewhere! Nige that should read Someone, Everywhere! It is unfortunately so that Leeds have made themselves some very bitter enemies! We can call it jealousy, vindictivness what you will, the result is the same!
      Some small minded persons will call it "Payback Time"! The only thing to do about it is to take it on the chin and carry on!
      The minnows running the FA have Leeds in the very position they have been trying for over the last decades! They are NOT going to allow the club to get back no matter what! Over here they have a saying " Predigt Wasser und trink Sekt"! Simply put "Preach Water and Drink Champagne"! Themselves they peach the gospel of Sportsmanship etc, etc and conduct themselves completly the opposite, as far as Leeds is concerned anyway! Sportsmanship, the prats cannot even spell it never mind act it! In this world of ours it seems that you can Murder, rape or GBH and there is always some "goodie goodie" who will say you had a bad childhood, or where suffering from an excess of drink and get let off with probation or some other ridiculous punishment! BUT, steal money, or whatever and they throw away the Key!

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      • John
        I can't dis agree with anything you say, but you are from the same generation as me, and you will remember the terrace battles everywhere, and Police horses riding all over the pitch, and thousands (no exageration at all) of mindless yobs from each team battling it out. As you know I saw the concequences of that when leeds played Birmingham on 18th May 1985 with a 14 year old killed,, but that was all pre Hillsborough days. Time moves on. We are, or should be more civilised now. I dont see anything like the ,aggro.' we became accustomed to 20years ago.. Leeds in them days were fiearcesome team with supporters to match, but so were Manchester Utd, Liverpool, West Ham...lets go on and on. The league should let it go and move on like we all have.

        Yes your right, this is all about money, I keep referring to West Ham and the Tevez thing. I am NOT anti West Ham, but what they did was a deliberate attempt to deceive, Leeds ran out of money because they tried to buy success, and whats wrong with that? Chelsea have done it.! So why did WHU get only fined? MONEY..thats what, they pay up but still can be big box office so everyone profits, but it doesn't detract from the fact that they were dishonest.

        As you point out, money leads the way no matter what, I see it every day, where guilty cons walk free after nearly blinding someone, or disfiguring someone, BUT when I come across someone who's nicked Money....DOWN THE STEPS...how dare you steal money, don't worry about the person who got probation for GBH, you go away because you stole money...

        I'm still scatching my head trying to understand just what it was that Leeds did that was so wrong to justify being almost sent out of business....it will be interesting to see just what sort of punishment they dish out next time someone breaks any rule, because as I see it, a precedent has now been set. Let's see who becomes the next victim of the FA bully boy's.

        I think that every genuine supporter in this country dis agree with how Leeds have been treated, a bit like Germany was after Versailles in 1919, and look what happened then. I know that is on a different scale, but I can see the resentment from this smouldering on for years to come, until it becomes possible for Leeds to apply 'Payback time' to the FA, just as the FA bods at the league have done to leeds.