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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Sep 12, 2007 07:43 Flag

    Someone, Somewhere, hates Leeds United!!

    Thanks, Nige. I know what you mean but this wasn't a human rights or privacy (data protection) issue. It was about contacting the highly-paid do-nothings fronting public organisations concerned with football such as The Football League et al whose job is supposed to involve listening to 'customers' (us guys) and representing our views. The problem is that if they did not only would they have to do some work they would have to confront their paymasters (we, as customers, provide the money but we're not the paymasters) and that would upset the system that they are highly paid to front. It's about sheep and wolves and unfortunately we don't have a say other than baa baa... ba57ards!

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    • Yes Andrew, you are spot on except for one thing.....you as a football supporter expect to be treated correctly and kept informed in contraversial subjects. Wrong......It was not so long ago that the overlords of football clubs had so much contempt for their supporters that they decided to cage us like wild animals. Now I know some supporters acted llke animals but not the vast majority, Fine if you are an un-intelligent moron which we clearly are not, they don't seem to comprehend that the vast majority of supporters are inelligent beings, some who make life or death decisions daily. They think that it is they and they alone who are intelligent and can be the only ones to make the decision, but they dont want to inform anyone in cae they f*ck it up even more. I also seem to remember Ken Bates putting an electric fence around Stamford Bridge 's pitch, so much was his contempt for 'his' supporters.. We are merely a by-product of the money making machine who follow like sheep through the good and bad times, and take it on the chin, we are not capable in their eyes of making a difference so we are not informed unless we need to know or they want our money,

      It is clear to me that we are on a 'need to know' agreement with the FL. They do not have a 'help desk' which would keep us updated because 'we don't need to know' Period.

      Your decision to make public their contact details obviously 'trod on their toes' so as to speak, and as you say, they would have to do something to justify their very existance if too many contacted them to ask what the hell was going on. You and I have to accept it, we aren't important unless we give them money, so we are not going to be told unless they want us to know about something AFTER they have made a decision, and not ask us our opinions first.

      Sorry, but there it is. While the Black Suits' sit in their ivory tower, presiding over the future of such clubs like Leeds, if I may be so bold and loosly quote Vinny's meesage, also on this subject, 'Just how can fining Leeds 15points be justified just because their financial directors have f*cked up' .