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  • B4ts B4ts Oct 4, 2007 00:57 Flag

    Conspiracy Theory

    The conspiracy goes on !!! Dennis Wise has to face an FA enquiry as regards his comments to the refree during the Gillingham match, this is the same ref who told him to F off.The FA spokesman confirms that "Wise" will be investigated. Not, Mr Wise or Dennis Wise. Seems there is little or no respect towards him by the FA,I wonder if the outcome is a foregone conclusion ?

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    • I think Batts that your conclusion will be the same as mine........

      They did say that they were going to investigate the accusations made by Dennis, but not in the same terminology....

      How about this for a conclusion......Dennis gets fine and warned about his future conduct.....And then gets fined again for lying about what the referee said......


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      • Now mates lets see:

        "Wise has been charged with using abusive and/or insulting words to a match official."

        "The FA (F***ing A***holes) can confirm that it has received a complaint regarding the conduct off a match official."

        HELLO F*** O** in my language is abusive or is there one rule for teams and another for officials, as a friend of several of Leeds old boys, I have been present when match officials have been rude, insulting and down right arrogant. WHY? Because they know nothing will be done about it.

        Chairmen. managers and players, are any of you man enough to stand up to this dictatorship or will you do what you always do? NOTHING