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  • Vincent Vincent Jan 18, 2008 20:05 Flag

    Have the 15 points been reversed?

    Why is yahoo showing Leeds on 58 points and at the top of the table? Have they been reversed?

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    • Football uncovers some strange emotions. I've always thought of Liverpool as my second favourite team - I even got into a fight once with some Leeds fans by stating this! The world and its dog is going to support Havant and Waterlooville so, as you say, a cricket score won't make any difference to Liverpool being damned - you're big enough to live with it. On the other hand, the world etc is behind Rafa's Liverpool and hoping you'll stick together and stick it (or the Yanks!) out.
      As regards Swansea and Doncaster, they've both been a slap in the face for Leeds - a wake-up, I hope. But again as you've said, losing Gus Poyet seems to have coincided with losing our winning form and the fear is that we're now hostages to a Ricki Tomlinson/Mike Basset scenario... If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you... you'll be a mason...and all that Rudyard Kipling stuff! Say what! We'll join you again in the Prem one day!

    • I guess its a hiding to nothing really Andre. Even a cricket score for the Reds will win no medals and anything less will probably be ridiculed by the media. At least our Yank owners now seem to have got their finances sorted out though where all this leaves Benitez is anyones guess. I dont think there is much difference between this and the situation that Martin Jol found himself in at Spurs. What do you make of the Swansea result tonight? Tonking Donny on their own midden by 4-nil? To me, Leeds should be doing this to all the other outfits in L1.
      After the Reds, Leeds is the first result I look for these days...then Accrington Stanley (another Phoenix rising from the ashes!). As I say I'd dearly like to see your lot climbing back up to where they belong...in the Prem again and fast. Best wishes!

    • Fair Kop, indeed! Now we know where you're coming from your posting does you, and LFC, proud - respect!
      Talking about problems, I can't say I envy you supporting Liverpool against Havant and Waterlooville. What do you make of that fixture?

    • OK lads. Fair cop. I've been a Liverpool Red since 1949 and we've got our own problems at the moment. I got a bit over excited last week and said Huddersfield when I meant to type in Donny (sorry, I did correct it next posting) but heck....after a great start LUFC are starting to stutter alarmingly and I reckon its after Poyet jumped ship and went to Spurs. After the FA Suits criminally docked you 15points to start the season I (and I think all fair minded fans) wanted to see you lot go the whole season undefeated Champs so as to give them 2fingers. Now I'll settle for any one of the promotion spots but DW will have to put the house in order and fast.

    • B4ts, I think your assumption about 'Ronald' was right - not a Leeds fan (but a clown) and on our boards to stir it up. Maybe we're wrong and he'll come back with something positive to say. Let's see. But if he is playing at Trojan horses I can't blame him. We'd all do the same if we thought we could get an opponent's fan-base working against their team.

    • Come on lads keep the faith, I know were not getting the results at the moment, but remember at the start of the season everyone was saying mid table will do as long as we don't go down, were in a position where we can still make promotion a possibility, well we will have to wait and see if we get up, but we should all know rome wasn't built in a day. I'm watching TV and everyone are saying even if Leeds come up they will struggle next year well I say lets get there first and rub their noses in it. Keep the faith LUFC forever

    • Yes, " Ronald" certainly got mixed up OK. AND, yes, the wheels seem to have come off. Little consistency, I am afraid we can kiss any hope of the title goodbye.Perhaps the best we can hope for is a play off place, and we all know what happens to Leeds in the play - offs !!!

    • Hey,B4ts I think Ronald got Huddersfield mixed up with Doncaster (or the other way around) but he does have a point about the wheels seening to come off after Gus Poyet left. What are your thoughts on this?

    • a question many will be asking - wake up yahoo

    • I think someone is taking the pee,

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