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  • B4ts B4ts Jan 30, 2008 21:53 Flag

    Gary McAllister

    Scathing comments indeed ! I wonder what prompts them ? I remember a story an old friend of mine told. He was a traffic cop in Leeds and pulled a Mercedes one night. The driver was Gary Macallister. Leeds had lost away at Everton that night going down 3 - 0 I believe. He asked Mac what had happened, reply, " The best team won" Well, that is very sporting BUT I would rather hear that we played Sh+te, or anything but the best team won ! No, I think you need to be pretty darned annoyed when you cock up big time.

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    • I thought Gary Mac was going to Liverpool to be Fat Zoro's right hand man. I know that a lot of football folk have a good opinion of him and at least he's one of the old guard as an ex LUFC player and as a player he was a class act. I couldnt believe the luck when Dave Bassett followed Wise out 'cos I half expected him to take over for the rest of the year. Just need to steady the ship now ....then onwards and upwards! Yeah!

    • B44ts, its a personal thing that happened the night we lost to Rangers in the Euro cup. I organised to take a mate and life long Leeds fan to the game, he had cancer and very little time left. Chappie and Mel Sterland supplied players lounge passes and Howard a shirt or all the players to sign and present to him after the game.
      All the players were great, taking photo's and really fussing over him, McAllister told me to F**k Off when I askd him to sign it and 3 days later the lad died. I never spoke to the man again and a lot of the players were well p***ed off with him, he did try to apologise but too little too late.

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      • Aspencuk, this is an alarming story but I can't imagine that Gary McAllister now, after what happened to his wife, is the same man you encountered then.

      • Well Aspen, perfectly understandable. I hold a grudge against a solicitor at Huddersfield, you can imagine my delight when he was removed from the bar and spent time in the cells at Huddersfield. Now, my story is not nearly as bad and hurtful as yours. I will never forgive the solicitor as it was personal. Let's look at it a different way, Macallister owes you big time, now lets see if he can pay you back, I hope so...