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    Why ae leeds fans rly angry and bad lossers

    well over the years i have noticed tht leeds fans are rly bad and angryfans, its disgraceful ur angry when u lose (which u do alot) and its pathetic how u behave near elland road having expierience of it first hand... leeds fans need 2 grow up and start responisbly surporting there team without vilance (i blame chavs) and i think ull nvr get out of L1 so u need 2 play better aswell...admit it u stink bad and the fan surport is worse than evr

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    • Because Brian Clough won the European Cup twice

    • but not quite as bad as your grammer,from the way you write,would you be one of the great unwashed,a muslim or a turk perhaps?

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      • Tommy Gun, this thread is a negative one for Leeds so it's not a good idea to give the wazzock who started it the satisfaction of seing it continue. I was going to ignore it until I noticed that Little Leeds Ted hasn't posted for a while and if that's down to your comments about his grammar then it's self-defeating and stupid.
        None of us who post on this board are professional writers. We make mistakes in language, spelling and punctuation all the time. It means diddly squat whether our grammar is correct as we all know what one another are saying.
        It's also a bit rich to criticise LLT about his 'grammar' when you spell it like the surname of the lead actor in the American sit. com. Frazier!

    • Easy, I'm going to start a new message to reply to you. I don't see why we should dignify knockers like Rape_Sauce, or whatever his handle is, who started this thread with any comments; including ones about his poor spelling which, even in textese, is bad - my kids would write: 'Y r Leeds fns rly angry & bad losers?' Rape spells loser as 'losser', which rhymns with tosser and that says just about all we need to know about him (or her!).

    • Andy, I agree 100%! To take your last comment first! Keep the girls out of the squad? Can you tell me who we will have left? I have said it before, just recently, and I`ll say it again! If`n they feel like losers then they`ll be like losers! Hull didn`t climb the championship from the same place as Leeds by acting like losers! Grayson has got to kick some arse here! OK Walsal probably had a good day, but why? Well one reason was probably Team Spirit and Competativeness, a will to win! Whats happen to the Leeds Team that chased every ball, challenged everything then, soaked up the pressure and took the game by the scruff of its neck and won! I`ll tell ee wots happened! They are either Dead or collecting their Pension Cheques! Its been too long, and these bunch of would be "Mothers" will not change that unless they change their attitude! The Manager cannot do it all!

    • Hi Easy, thanks for the inclusion as an 'unfortunate' enjoying your posts. I'm certainly feeling unfortunate after today's defeat to Walsall - Walsall!
      All players have off days (Beckford and Delph in particular today) but how can a whole team have an off day? Is it like women who live together having their periods at the same time?
      Grayson's stated target is an average of two points from every game. By that reckoning we're still on target but only just. Luck seems to be with us, because of other teams' results, but we need to make our own luck and losing to lower table opposition doesn't help the target, especially when we have games with higher table opposition (Millwall, Huddersfield and Scunthorpe) to play this month.
      A win at Leyton Orient on Tuesday is critical - though on present form may be just lucky! We need it to have the confidence to get three wins, one draw and one loss to stay on target in February. In truth, what we actually need are five wins!
      Maybe we could achieve this by keeping the girls in the team out of the squad when they are having one of their off days!

    • why are any fans bad losers, who likes to lose, and as for over the years, theres not just leeds
      , cardiff, millwall, westham, chelsea, sheff utd, i can go on, im a leeds fan, but angry , yes, with risdale and his ripoffs, and how he left leeds in deep shit

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      • Nathan, as you so rightly say "Nobody likes to Lose", but there are good losers and bad losers! The English have always had the tag of being "Good Losers", especially in Europe, Germany in particular! The English fan, just like the English Majorca Holiday maker have received in the past some very bad press! The times they are a changing, slowly in some cases, faster in others! As for Risdale and his escapades financial and otherwise, well as me Dad would say, its all water under Bridge, and you can`t bring things back! The thing is to learn from it, hopefully Leeds HAVE learnt from the past and we can look forward to a future! A future where Leeds will have to do things on and off the Playing Field! Don´t forget Nathan that there are alot of Football Fans out there who only have to hear the name Leeds United and they get angry and anti! If we want them to give us a chance then we have to be prepared to give them a chance as well! Fair do`s?

    • Actually John I am a " comer in at Halifax" born and bred in Dewsbury about 9 miles from Elland Rd. The only claim to fame that Town has was that the Yorkshire Ripper ended up in the cells at the local nick after his arrest and Sheffield and of course, lately the Shannon Matthews saga. Yes the least said about Dewsbury the better !

    • Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder! Whats wrong with Halifax? Ever been to Duisburg? Seriously Bats Hull is not a Picture Postcard, but its changing and where you sprung from is always special! On Our way to nowhere? They said that about Hull too! As for the Highwaymen maybe it was all the Rich Merchants that lived and traveled around Halifax! Though it din`t take too much get you Hung in them days. in the words of the Litany if you stole so much as 13 pennies you were liable to end up on Halifaxs Gibbet or in the dreaded Hull Goal! I don`t mean Tigers Goal either!

    • It always amazes me why anybody, even Highway men would want to come to Halifax. in the words of the song, " Where on the the way to nowhere "

    • True Bats! But you know how these things get all out of context, especially from our Eastern or Southern Bretheren! Go to York and see Dick Turpins Grave! Ye Olde Highway men wern`t afraid of much, mainly out of desperation, but they where afeared of being caught twixt Hull and Halifax!

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