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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Feb 4, 2009 01:47 Flag

    The will to win

    Hi TIMC. Few other L1 team boards have any messages, whether they make sense or not. Leeds supporters are the best asset the Club has, especially at present.
    As regards players who'll run til they drop... do you reckon that the new American striker, Mike Grella will fit the profile? Have you, or do you know anyone whose seen him play?
    We need a dynamic team, or a dynamic in the team that can win matches. Grella is an unknown quantity (Leeds has had more than its fair share of this!) but is he going to be the x factor we need, an asset, or just another element working against team cohesion - Brolin or Bremner?

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    • GIMME HOP JOAHNA! HOPE JOHANA,Gimme Hope Johana in the Morning Sun! Hi Bats, Andy, Guys, its a good job Leeds are playing on Monday Night, then it won`t spoil my bacon and eggs on Sunday morning! That would be a fine thing, Wife, Deutsche, hates the smell of Bacon! Oh well can`t have everything! Back to Leeds United, I don`t want to sound the Doom and Gloom Bell just yet, there is a slight hope of making the playoffs, just got to get the Brother in Law to scupper Scunthorpe! Leicester, seem to have first place pretty wll tied up, and MK Dons, wasn`t that one of Niges local clubs? Well they look pretty good for second spot! Both clubs are playing well and pulling in the points with a regularity I wish Leeds would copy! Yep I reckon YOU Guys are without a doubt Leeds best asset, pity yer all too old to play though :-)! Nobody want to live in the past TIMC, but when the past is all you`ve got, well? Grella? Seem to have heard that name somewheres, though can`t think where right now! Lets hope he`s a Billy Bremner! Dynamic, Dynamic! The most Dynamic thing about Leeds at the moment has got to be the Fans! The Fans that turn up at home matches, the fans that follow them to away matches! If only the Team could imbibe the spirit of those fans then we would have all the dynamic we need! Bye for now Guys!

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      • There's always hope, Easy. It was the only thing remaining in Pandora's box; and probably Johana's and Alice's too!
        We shouda, coulda, oughta have had top spot but it ain't gonna happen now so let's accept the play offs, hope the new team gels and hits form ready for the Championship!
        Relax and enjoy your bacon and eggs... My Austrian ex (Germanic) used to like cheese and sausage for breakfast; but let's not get into that!
        All I've heard about Mike Grella (you're not thinking of Yuri Gella are you?) is that he's a young American who scored a hat trick against Barnsley in a reserve team game. If he can score a few more in League games for us then we can challenge MK Dons for second spot - I think Milton Keynes is a bit too far south to be one of Nige's local teams, but he does seem to have good relationships with most clubs, so who knows!
        If fans count for anything, Leeds should should be back at the top of the Prem. It's just a pity that, as the twelth man in the side, we can't score goals and win matches.