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  • B4ts B4ts Feb 22, 2009 16:35 Flag

    The next three games.

    I will try not to get carried away because we beat the team at the bottom of League 1 !
    The next three games, Scunthorpe, Oldham and Bristol City. All decent teams and the chances of 9 points is very slim. That said, realistically that is what we need to achieve if we are to get a play off place. I think it safe to say that the results will pretty much define our season.

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    • Hi Peter, it's good to hear from you; this board has been a bit quiet recently.
      We should win at Crewe (0 - 2) but, as B4ts has just posted, best guess, informed predictions count for nothing; particularly when Leeds are playing away.
      The starting eleven will likely have Liam Dickinson and Snodgrass up front; Delph, Kilkenny, Hughes and Howson (?) in midfield; Naylor, Marques (and I don't know who else - how about Sheehan and Darren Powell!) in defence; and, inevitably, Ankergran in goal (why can't we get Alan Martin back from Barrow - if he's good enough for an international U21 place he should have something to offer Leeds, and keep Casper on his toes). What are your thoughts?

    • Last time I predicted a score Leeds 2 Bristol 1. I was undone in the last minute ! I will sit this one out and just hope for a win !

    • Crewe away.. a game which, if you look at the team we are playing, compare the squads etc, our recent form.. we should win...

      but then u add the two main reasons for our defeats this season - playing without beckford, and away from home - and all of a sudden this looms large as a danger game. add the fact that we often get complacent against average teams, see hereford and bristol!

      so, whats the thoughts lads? scoreline, starting eleven...

      loan signings?


    • I have a sneaking feeling (a bit more that just a mere hope) that Leeds will get promoted this season and then all the management, squad dynamics, spending, player selection and appointment issues will really lead to the clough hitting the fan. Can you imagine what all the problems we've faced in L1 would be like if taken into the Champoinship?
      Sorry, I just can't see a successful club being led by a manager called 'Larry'!

    • Not sure what the problem is. I think maybe Grayson has ruffled a few feathers in his short time here, AND I hope so. Next season win or lose promotion should be a measure of Grayson , oops I dropped the "Larry" tag !

    • Hi B4ts, I know what you're saying about the commitment to the team that loan signings may or may not have; we've discussed this before and, as you say, agreed that they are unlikely to give 100%.
      However, it's possible that a loan signing with the right skills in the right place in the team but who only gives 90% may be a better option than a full contract player with lesser skills causing problems, even though he may be fully committed.
      We're unlikely to know what's best anymore than we are likely to know what goes on between Bates and Grayson. It's a mystery. As promotion from L1 has to be on top of both of Bates's and Grayson's agendas, and money isn't a real problem (in L1 terms), and Leeds is still an attractive club for any candidate footballer to play at, we can only guess at what they're saying to one another.
      It's uncanny that you mention Tresor Kandol; I was just thinking the same! Why bring in Dickinson when while Kandol is out there proving that he's the genuine article? Maybe Kandol doesn't want to return, and if not why not?
      The whole management thing is a mystery!

    • Yes Beckford is a complete idiot, dissent, I ask you what kind of fool winges about a decision with a couple of minutes to go when you have just given your team the potential winning goal. It is just the same as we said when Bristol levelled it in the final minute. Naive, elementary and stupid behaviour that should be confined to the school reserve team or a Sunday morning pub league. You know what ? These fools will never learn either ! Done moaning, Easyrider over to you to bring sanity !

    • Andrew I accept your point about buying and then being stuck with a lemon. However, as we have all agreed, the loan signing can be smug in the knowledge that he can give 90 % effort instead of 100 % as he is assured his wages and can go back to his own club The other "real" reason is that Bates is not spending any of the income, dammit, if he cannot provide the manager with funds to get out of league 1 then what chance have we ? Another point, if a club loans "out" a player, is that to get them match fit, gain experience they would not get at the home club ? What more does Tressor Kandol have to do ? He was banging goals in for Millwall and is scoring for a very poor Charlton team in a league above us, is he the forgotten man of Leeds ?

    • I agree with Andre. Look @ Dougie Freedman last year, his signing almost single-handedly got promotion for us! And right now, with Becchio a bit of a joke, Showunmi injured and Grella raw, we need some out and out strikers. Imagine if we had bought Trundle instead of just loan - now we would be stuck with him! Let's see what Dickinson can do now boys.

      Scraped through last nite - Beckford is a silly boy tho isnt he!!!

    • LLT, your poetical post (moanings about loanings) is both amusing and true. I just wonder what the alternative to loan signings would be like, realistically, and how this would affect the club.
      Buying expensive talent has often been the downfall of many clubs - look at Hull, Newcastle and Leeds as examples. Leeds has only recently emerged from being debt ridden and I don't think it will benefit us in any way to go there again.
      Success in L1 is pretty much about putting teams together with loan signings - Leicester and MK Dons have done this well. Getting the right signings is the key and this comes down to the manager, his influence, assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and his scouting network.
      Naylor has been a brilliant signing and I think that, at this stage of the season, we just have to trust Grayson's judgement.

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