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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Mar 7, 2009 03:40 Flag

    The next three games.

    Bristol R may be 14th in L1 and have a few fitness problems to deal with but they are not going to be a push-over - they gave Carlisle a hard time.
    Four points out of a possible six so far (on the five game analysis - ref .PeterF) means that Saturday's game away to BR is a 'must win' - it would be foolish to assume that we can collect six points from Yeovil and Swindon to get our tally into double figures, just (i.e. 10).
    On our away form, BR could be more of a banana skin than Hereford - going into a game knowing that it is a must win could breed fear of losing - the opposite of the will to win.
    A loss at the Memorial Stadium will affect the team's confidence and is likely to impact on subsequent games.
    The up-side is that the team should have confidence after its away showing against Oldham - a game it will know it could have won.
    Leeds will have to show Bristol respect, but Brstol isn't a Carlisle or Scunthorpe and if Leeds can take the game to them then it can be confident of moving up the play-off places.