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  • B4ts B4ts Mar 15, 2009 15:02 Flag

    The next three games.

    Andrew I accept your point about buying and then being stuck with a lemon. However, as we have all agreed, the loan signing can be smug in the knowledge that he can give 90 % effort instead of 100 % as he is assured his wages and can go back to his own club The other "real" reason is that Bates is not spending any of the income, dammit, if he cannot provide the manager with funds to get out of league 1 then what chance have we ? Another point, if a club loans "out" a player, is that to get them match fit, gain experience they would not get at the home club ? What more does Tressor Kandol have to do ? He was banging goals in for Millwall and is scoring for a very poor Charlton team in a league above us, is he the forgotten man of Leeds ?