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    Not interested

    Did any of you pick up on this comment on the Early Doors blog: "yes, ED is assuming Leeds will lose to Millwall"?
    Following the crowd control problems at the New Den last weekend journalists, to serve their own ends, would like to escalate the story. By dropping incendiary comments into blogs they hope to sow the seeds of conflict.
    The inability of the police and stewards to deal effectively with crowd trouble at the New Den could see Millwall being punished by the FA . Leeds has to avoid being put in a similar position - we don't want to be deducted another 25 points!
    There are thugs at Millwall and at Leeds who will alway let us down but it is the thugs in the Press who we should really beware of.
    The majority of Millwall fans are as okay as we are so let's keep faith with them and show scummy journalist such as Early Doors that we are not interested in their provocations.

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    • PS to my last Bats! Are my eyes deceiving me ofr are you up early?

    • Dunno about filling up the Summer Bats, but hanging the monkey and things have certainly taken up a few pages of the history books! Think its high time I packed up me ole kitbag and came home! maybe I culd make it before the new season starts! The nearest I have been to Elland Road was a video link to the Colt Telecom Relay Station near the grounds! Anyway must dash off to spend some o me cash at the Annual Flax Market in Krefeld! have a nice Whit Monday all!

    • We just used to chop off their heads at the Halifax Gibbet, a simple piece of equipment which was a forerunner to the French Guillotine. Nothing much happening at Elland Road, I doubt we can fill a summer talking about capital punishment and monkey's and things !!!! ?

    • Nige! Then its high time you found out mate! Not as big as Brum but we have an history too! Situated on the Humber Estuary once regarded as England Largest Fishing Port and Third largest Port things have sadly declined! Just look for Leeds, move your eyes to the right and there we are! No we did not hang the Monkey, but we hung practically every felon that came our way! Hence the Thieves Lament, part of which says The Good Lord Spare me From Hull, Hell or Halifax! When you have a week or two to spare I`ll recite it to you!

    • Hi Nige! Other thing? Oh That! Forget it! You know what they say! people who rock boats better know how to swim! Have alot of faifth in Grayson, his hearts in the right place, he Leeds, a Tyke and knows his own mind, don`t all Tykes?

    • Andy, missed this first time round, age, shortsighted, whatever, agree 100%! Signed: Embarressed!

    • Wouldn't dream of it John...I don't even know where Hull is...somewhere up North ? It's not that place where they hung the monkey is it ?

    • Dunno John..(sorry about the other thing...)

      I know he play's for Coventry...but that's all. I see Healy may be an option..and that is interesting. let's see if your latest manager see's it that way too. Mifsud...a journeyman IMO...but could be another Robbie keane...who know's ?


    • Piss off howy...not interested in anything you have to say.

    • HULL, or to give tjhe City its proper title: Kingston Upon Hull, is in Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, is and always was, despite Maggies reshuffle, and always will be, we never removed any of the signs saying otherwise! Only the prats in London dinnae no the difference! It is still the only City in England with its very own Telephone System, hence the white and green instead of the Red! Kingston Communications, also the named of the Stadium which replaced the "Old Boothferry Road"! Bats, Andy, LLTed, Steve, Allen, Vinny, Nige and ofcourse Howy, please please don`t call us Humbersiders! We`re Tykes and proud of it!

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