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  • Andre, firstly nice to meet you. As B4ts will tell you himself, I dont do the ratings and badge thing on here like you guys. I just come on to talk about the beautiful game and have a bit of crack. I'm sorry you found my exchanges with Nige unfortunate, but I did find it necessary to lower the standard at times due to his insistance on going round in circles with certain topics.
    He probably does 'win' badges on other boards, but thats hardly likely on the SU board as he is a self confessed SU hater ( see his posts on Burnley board) so why even post on the SU board??? One final thing Andre. I dont know if you are aware, but Nige uses several different IDs on the SU board. Dont know if he does on other boards, but I wonder who he gets all these ratings from?

    • Oh dear howy....

      That is about a low as anyone can get. You have made accusation's here that you cannot substansiate. However, to clear up your accusation's, I ONLY EVER use this ID. My previous ID 'nige9366' was scrapped because of someone getting hold of my email address and sending me porn !!!!, BECAUSE yahoo were showing my email address!

      I don't hate Sheff U howy, only the SMT of Sheff U who have made the game a laughing stock with their hounding of West ham, because of their own inability to hold there own in the prem, and blame one player.

      As for any shield I have...apart from the West Ham , Birmingham, Villa and Leeds, i am not fussed by them, they have come about because of past conversations on other boards, not because of posting's !! They can have them back for all I care, ESPECIALLY that shyt Sheff U shield !

      I do NOT and have not ever used any other ID on the Sheff U board howy. i can tackle you and that idiot razor without any assistance from any false alta ego. !

      Cast as much inuendo as you like howy, but make sure you have you facts 100% correct. OTHERS read these posts as well.

      I only went onto your board to talk about Tevez, McCabe, and a bit of banter with you guy's. You took the level down howy...if you can't stand the heat...etc !!!

      Sorry about this John, Andy, Nev, Bats LTS.needed to sort that out....wont soil my dirty linen with this idiot on this board again !!

    • Howy, thanks for your message; it's good to hear from you too.
      I was going to do you the courtesy of posting a reply to you on the SU board until I saw the battlefield there and, like B4ts, didn't want to get involved. So I hope you visit the calm of the Leeds board again and pick this up.
      Discussing football (Leeds specifically) and the general craic is all any of us come on this board for. Until recently, when B4ts lost his shield, I knew zilch about ratings and badges, and I'm kinda wishing I hadn't found out as 'the system' seems to cause grief.
      The Leeds board gets its fair share of knocking posts from other clubs' supporters - ironically, they're compliments because few other L1 clubs even get posts from their own supporters! Sometimes it can be part of the craic to make fun of the semi-literate morons who make these posts. However, in general it's best policy to just ignore them on the principle that to argue against something is to argue for it - e.g. if God doesn't exist why are we arguing about it? This is why I thought your exchanges with Nige were 'unfortunate'.
      The other posts of yours that I read were informed, passionate and readable. You're obviously some one with a similar outlook on life to the guys on this board and it's good to exchange messages with you.
      As fellow Yorkshiremen you can be certain that we will be rooting for SU on 25 May. Good luck!

    • Andrew/Howy, never ever thought anybody had it in for me let alone Howy, sure, we crossed swords sometime ago but I feel we got past that and there are no problems from me towards Sheffield United fans or indeed the club in general. I hope above hope that they can retrieve the EPL place on the field where it counts.

    • Hi Howy, long time no see, posts that is! Got to think of something to say so I will log off for now!