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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 May 19, 2009 00:18 Flag

    Not interested

    Howy, thanks for your message; it's good to hear from you too.
    I was going to do you the courtesy of posting a reply to you on the SU board until I saw the battlefield there and, like B4ts, didn't want to get involved. So I hope you visit the calm of the Leeds board again and pick this up.
    Discussing football (Leeds specifically) and the general craic is all any of us come on this board for. Until recently, when B4ts lost his shield, I knew zilch about ratings and badges, and I'm kinda wishing I hadn't found out as 'the system' seems to cause grief.
    The Leeds board gets its fair share of knocking posts from other clubs' supporters - ironically, they're compliments because few other L1 clubs even get posts from their own supporters! Sometimes it can be part of the craic to make fun of the semi-literate morons who make these posts. However, in general it's best policy to just ignore them on the principle that to argue against something is to argue for it - e.g. if God doesn't exist why are we arguing about it? This is why I thought your exchanges with Nige were 'unfortunate'.
    The other posts of yours that I read were informed, passionate and readable. You're obviously some one with a similar outlook on life to the guys on this board and it's good to exchange messages with you.
    As fellow Yorkshiremen you can be certain that we will be rooting for SU on 25 May. Good luck!