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  • Oh dear howy....

    That is about a low as anyone can get. You have made accusation's here that you cannot substansiate. However, to clear up your accusation's, I ONLY EVER use this ID. My previous ID 'nige9366' was scrapped because of someone getting hold of my email address and sending me porn !!!!, BECAUSE yahoo were showing my email address!

    I don't hate Sheff U howy, only the SMT of Sheff U who have made the game a laughing stock with their hounding of West ham, because of their own inability to hold there own in the prem, and blame one player.

    As for any shield I have...apart from the West Ham , Birmingham, Villa and Leeds, i am not fussed by them, they have come about because of past conversations on other boards, not because of posting's !! They can have them back for all I care, ESPECIALLY that shyt Sheff U shield !

    I do NOT and have not ever used any other ID on the Sheff U board howy. i can tackle you and that idiot razor without any assistance from any false alta ego. !

    Cast as much inuendo as you like howy, but make sure you have you facts 100% correct. OTHERS read these posts as well.

    I only went onto your board to talk about Tevez, McCabe, and a bit of banter with you guy's. You took the level down howy...if you can't stand the heat...etc !!!

    Sorry about this John, Andy, Nev, Bats LTS.needed to sort that out....wont soil my dirty linen with this idiot on this board again !!