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    Not interested

    Did any of you pick up on this comment on the Early Doors blog: "yes, ED is assuming Leeds will lose to Millwall"?
    Following the crowd control problems at the New Den last weekend journalists, to serve their own ends, would like to escalate the story. By dropping incendiary comments into blogs they hope to sow the seeds of conflict.
    The inability of the police and stewards to deal effectively with crowd trouble at the New Den could see Millwall being punished by the FA . Leeds has to avoid being put in a similar position - we don't want to be deducted another 25 points!
    There are thugs at Millwall and at Leeds who will alway let us down but it is the thugs in the Press who we should really beware of.
    The majority of Millwall fans are as okay as we are so let's keep faith with them and show scummy journalist such as Early Doors that we are not interested in their provocations.

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    • Anybody been on the Sheffield United board ? Nigel ( Tilton Road) and Howy have been knocking seven bells out of each other, I kept my head down in case it got knocked off with all the flak that's flying about !

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      • Just for the record B4ts ,and I dont wish to bring any sort of argument over from the SU board, but your mate Nige has abused and threatened one of our posters so much so that he's actually got him on ignore.Thats how low the guy really is, regardless of how much he might try and appear all bon home on this and other clubs boards. He might say its all banter and in jest, but ask Chas (whos got him on ignore) if he thinks its funny. I personally haven't replied to any of his or other Brum posts for ages and certainly dont go on their board, yet they still persist in posting bainiality and abuse. For some reason they dont seem to understand 'not interested'.

      • B4ts, the link to SU is off topic but I won't award it as such because I've just had an enjoyable few minutes reading the exchanges between Nige and 'Howy' - it's like a Monty Python sketch! LOL!
        Maybe we sould get some more friction going on this site. I used to try to be provocative when I first started posting on this board. I (sort of) gave it up and, ironically, I'm now complaining about journalists using provacation to ferment news worthy stories.
        We all see others as fools and at the same time set ourselves up as the same ('Groundhog Day', posts in Spanish... Doh!). Nige and Howy is one-to-one stuff and that's okay, but I suspect there is something cynical going on with Early Doors.

    • Howy, leave it alone.....These guy's are not interested. Or should I just remind them of when you said this, and there are many such slagging off posts like this one...............

      " Re: Leeds Get ready for Division 1 where you belong 29-Apr-07 01:33 PM
      So Leeds should be in the premiership? and with what astounding calculation did you work that one out? Your team is crap and not fit for the championship never mind the premiership.Your club has vast debts its unable to pay off, and you've hocked your ground to raise cash to keep the liquidators out.Wakey wakey get your heads from up your arses, your more like conference material at the moment".
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      Now leave it alone howy, you are getting boring now.

    • I,ll think you'll find its called debating and, oh yes banter. Something that you profess to know a lot about. Funny Isn't it how the guys I "slagged off" seem to welcome my input to their board and don't really have a bad word to say to me. They in return post on our board and we have a bit of a craic whether we agree with each other or not. Who looks silly now?
      BTW sonny shove your advise right up your ****

    • Hey Nige ! Got a Newcastle bronze, anything to do with you ? How long do we reckon I will keep this one ?

    • Getting to you am I???? Good. OOOOOOO look you got 4 wikkle stars to play with for that post.Well done.You collect Pokemon cards too?

    • Wondered where you'd got to. Just emerged fron Niges bottom yet again???

    • Nige, you have more faces than Big Ben. Who the fcuk do you think you are to tell me to leave this board? You might be up their arses]but I really dont care. As I keep saying but you cant get it in to your thick Brummie skull. Kettle Pot Black. I can more than take it.

    • Thought you guys might like this:In April 2008, Sullivan and Birmingham City F.C. managing director Karren Brady were released on bail after being arrested by City of London Police and questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting in connection with an ongoing investigation of alleged corruption in English football.[4]

      Sullivan attributed major blame for Birmingham's 2008 relegation from the Premier League to previous manager Steve Bruce's player signings, and suggested he wanted to sell his stake in the club following the behaviour of sections of the crowd at the last game of the 2007–08 season.

    • HULL, or to give tjhe City its proper title: Kingston Upon Hull, is in Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, is and always was, despite Maggies reshuffle, and always will be, we never removed any of the signs saying otherwise! Only the prats in London dinnae no the difference! It is still the only City in England with its very own Telephone System, hence the white and green instead of the Red! Kingston Communications, also the named of the Stadium which replaced the "Old Boothferry Road"! Bats, Andy, LLTed, Steve, Allen, Vinny, Nige and ofcourse Howy, please please don`t call us Humbersiders! We`re Tykes and proud of it!

    • Bats you probably lost it before they put it up! You didn`t let on about the Hull Bronze either! Not to worry you`ll haved your Leeds Bronze back before long!

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