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  • The Dunster The Dunster May 16, 2009 14:02 Flag


    Being a Mancunian I obviously don't have much time for Leeds. However, being a blue I know exactly what you're going through. The Leeds fans have stuck by the club when the chips have been down proving they are one of the biggest clubs in the country. Good luck next year. Hopefully in a couple of years you'll be back playing the other big city clubs and we can get back to hating each other. I miss playing dirty Leeds, we used to play on boxing day quite often if I remember right and always a great atmosphere. Keep the faith.

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    • And good morning to you Dunster ! Thanks for your comments, being a Manc. is not a problem for most Leeds followers, you are from the Blue half and that is even better ! As you will know from your own experience, most of the support for the red side is from anywhere but Manchester and no doubt that gets your goat as much as it does ours ?
      Anyway, we will be back.... not sure when though !

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      • Cheers B4ts I was expecting a load of grief to be honest. I think you will walk it next year. The problem is you are a scalp for all the small clubs. It's a difficult league to get out of. The pitches are small and not the best and most teams kick the crap out of you. The one good point is you can go away and take over a town centre and have a dam good drink. Grayson knows this league and the type of player to get you out of it. Horses for courses.