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  • you will still be in the turd division you sad has been sh ite fu cking turd club

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    • Oh Boy! Have you got a problem! Just keep taking the Pills like the good Doctor told you and in ten or twenty years you could be on your way to being cured!

    • u r a sad man supportin mu/liverpool (insert cliche here) and ur opinion is not valued!

      ps.. sorry lads i didnt pay my bill and got cut off online by accident... gutted but optimistic if u kno what i mean?

    • Colin H, you seem to have an anal fixation (turd, sh;te, f'king), which isn't surprising for some one with a name that sounds like colon. What does the H stand for: Hole? It must be sad being you. Don't worry, it's probably your father's fault from the times when he taught you to 'take it like a man'. You need help but you won't get it here - call Social Services!

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      • Well lads I don't know what to say. The more I think about our lack of promotion, the more disappointed I am.

        Yes, we did not deserve it - 14 losses is far too many! But it does seem a shame that the likes of Grayson, Naylor, Sodje etc. receive no reward for what has been an almost unblemished performance.

        2009/2010? Well I think it is unlikely that Beckford, Becchio, Delph will still be with us. Re-signing Douglas must be a priority, as is securing Sodje on a permanent basis. Another goal scorer is vital - possibly a couple if we lose both of ours - and I think that we need somebody with a point to prove. Leroy Lita? Hahnemann would be a great signing as well.

        We need to sign players who are too good for the division - see Naylor and Sodje - rather than people who are proven in L1. Only three teams go up every year, and a squad of players who have proven that they can perform at this level, but not further, will not do the job. We need to convince people to drop divisions in search of glory, and attempt to convince our current players who want to keep that glory awaits them.

        I do think that Grayson is the right man for the job.. time will tell. Any ideas on potential signings? Owain Fon Williams could be a good one?

        bats, what do you mean rate posts to get a badge? i am confused...

    • With a name like " Colin" you clearly have your boards mixed up, this one is for hetro-sexuals.