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  • Steve Steve Jun 2, 2009 01:24 Flag

    Beckford's replacement

    well now that he has turned down a new contract, which I'm not suprised, who do LUFC go after as his replacement, we struggled when he was out and we need to get a replacement to start the new season, so guy's any ideas????????

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    • Andy! You have to weigh the effect he will have on the other players, the disruption and lack of contentment against any possible feeling of chastisement Beckford will feel!

    • Bats! Over here they call it "Einstellung", or Attitude", y<ou either have it or you don`t, the right attitude that is!

    • Nige! We both know about so called wannabes, they end up being couldofbeens, and the hasbeens! Oh by the by thanks for your umpteen mails, when I have a few weeks off before I go walkabout I will read them all!

    • LLTed! Point is Beckford?s so called agent has made it practically impossible for him to stay, or?

    • If you were Beckford would you want to stay at Leeds now? No! So let's hope Larry keeps him for another year - it will have more effect than a rap across the nose with a wooden implement!

    • Sadly it is all too common to bite the hand that feeds. When that happens, a sharp rap across the nose with a large wooden implement is called for.

    • If and it`s a big IF Beckford stays i dont think he will have the same commitment thats if he had much this season as it must have been on his mind that he wanted more money or to leave.To be honest i hope he leaves to give as you say the TEAM players a fighting chance,Grayson until the beckford saga is sorted should leave him on the bench in the up and coming friendlies or playing for the reserves to teach him a valuable lesson you dont bite the hand that feeds you

    • We've had a few of these lower league high scoring wannabe Ronaldo's (no disrespect intended).......at Birmingham John...and they always seem to fall flat on their faces....the current one, Gary McSheffery cost us £4M from Coventry, and is now on loan to Nottingham Forest reserves, and looks like going back to Coventry, Some really need to get a reality check, and realise that the people they are scoring against are not top defenders, and re-adjust their own assessment of their ability to suit. If it was that easy in the Championship/Premiership to score 25+ goals, all good strikers would be doing it.

      Mr Beckford is going to get a massive shock if he sets his stall too high, or is he just after a big pay packet for a season?

    • Ah Pom! They may swamp us, they may womp us, bugt they will never never sink us!

    • Bats, once a player opens his mouth and says he wants to go he has literally shot himself in the leg/s! If he is not happy, hence he wants to leave, then let him go or else he will only disrupt the remaining team players ! Note I said TEAM players, players who play for the team not for their own personal preferences!! If he was a Team Player he would have spoken quietly to the manager about his wishes to leave and done things to bring the minimum of disruption! Players who hide behind their agents outspoken comments are NOT Team players! We don?t want them at Leeds!

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