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  • Vincent Vincent Jul 3, 2009 15:12 Flag

    How to Spend What Little is Left ....

    Check this one out guys ...

    When will this old geyser learn to shut his mouth and open his wallet ... and when I say open his wallet, he should open it for the right reasons. Does he realise that one and a half million would probably get us the best two or three players playing in League 1 at the moment?


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    • LUFC Bates ready to do battle

      Simon Grayson has told clubs that are chasing his star players that they better ready to do battle with Chairman Ken Bates.

      Speaking in the Mirror Grayson said 'At this moment, none of the clubs have reached a figure for the players that we feel is acceptable for this football club.'

      A number of clubs have been linked with Fabian Delph and Jermaine Beckford this year and the club have already turned down offers for the pair.

      Ken Bates said in the January transfer window after receiving offers for Delph that he didn`t deal in 'petty cash`.

      OR could it be, Bates is trying to get his £1.5M +£50K back after once again being made to look a cnut ?

    • Here's the latest:

      Fulham boss Roy Hodgson is also weighing up a £1m move for Leeds midfielder Neil Kilkenny.

      Two Championship clubs have made offers for Leeds United striker Jermaine Beckford, BBC Radio Leeds understands.

      The player's agent Nick Rubery revealed the information after the club said recently they had received no offers for the transfer-listed 25-year-old.

      Beckford, who is out of contract at the end of the 2009/2010 season, scored 34 goals last year.

      He was placed on the transfer list in May after failing to agree a new contract with the club.

      AND WE RESPOND BY RECRUITING A CENTRE BACK (where we already have Rui, Naylor, Huntington (like a new signing!) and Michalik) FROM.... BELFAST? THE IRISH LEAGUE???? Maybe I have been too kind because it is time we saw some action!!!

    • "The club's activity in the transfer market will not be restricted because of the recent court decision. Ofcourse NOT he wasn`t going to spend money anyway!

    • I love this one, posted this morning by Bates......................

      Leeds United: Transfer kitty will not be affected - Bates

      Published Date: 08 July 2009: 10:49a.m.
      By Leon Wobschall

      Ken Bates has reassured fans that Leeds United's transfer clout hasn't been diminished after he lost his High Court libel battle with former club director Melvyn Levi.
      Reports have suggested that Bates will have to pay legal costs of around £1.5m following the much-publicised defeat, with the Whites chairman also ordered to pay £50,000 damages to Mr Levi.

      That has led many fans to fear that United's transfer kitty could be substantially reduced, but Bates insists the club's player recruitment policy will stay the same.

      He said: "The club's activity in the transfer market will not be restricted because of the recent court decision.

      "As we have previously stated, we will restrict our recruitment to those players identified by Simon Grayson that he believes will supplement our current squad within our budgets.

      "Speculation during the pre-season period is always at its height and as always, facts not speculation will be announced by the club."


      That's rich...not diminished? Oh really Masterbates...and just how does he figure that ?...if he hadn't opened gob without engaging brain...there would be an EXTRA £1.5M + £50,000 in the kitty surely? Perhaps this is me being a little cynical, because, along with McCabe, I have no time for this man, but surely if he has £1.5M to pay out in legal costs etc, then that money could...no should... have been there to furnish the team. It certainly isn't now is it Bates !..so of course it will affect team building

      Durrrrrrr..!! What a plonker. This is evidence of an old fool trying to convince everyone he is not an old fool !

    • Now you went and done it Nige! fancy mentioned dem dar wooly things to public viewing! From your article it would appear that apart from being an old meany, tightfisted old git, money grabbing gray haired dodder, etc etc, he is just not a nice guy!

    • Bats, maybe we should change our name to AahmLeeds! The we would be in first place to start with! Though I have no doubt about what you said with "Its going to be a long slog"! I would just add one word to that "Its going to be a long HARD slog"!

    • I was just watching Sky Sport News and they had a feature about Huddersfield Town. Apparently, they spent the latter part of last season building up their management and training team that includes people who took Newcastle United to the brink of winning the Premiership. The Chairman has also put his money where his mouth is and over the past few days they have strengthened their squad.

      Isn't that what every Leeds United fan would like ... for Leeds obviously. Still, fair play to Huddersfield Town, another fallen giant of English football. I wish them well.

    • Seem's a pity the shyster is still pulling the strings at LUFC Vinny...

      I read this post and looks to me like Bates is still power crazed.....

      Published Date: 02 July 2009
      By Rob Waugh
      CONTROVERSIAL Leeds United chairman Ken Bates faces a costs bill of around £1.5m after losing his acrimonious libel battle at the High Court with former club director Melvyn Levi.
      More: Ken Bates loses his winning habit »

      Mr Bates, 78, was yesterday ordered to pay £50,000 damages to Mr Levi over allegations that he was a "shyster" who tried to blackmail the club over money.

      But the costs represent the greater financial burden, as judge Sir Charles Gray ordered Mr Bates to pay an initial £400,000 pending a final calculation.

      The club chairman, who lives in Monaco and was not present for the judgment, was refused permission to appeal, but he can still apply directly to the Court of Appeal to take the case further.

      It emerged in court that Mr Levi had offered to settle the case for £15,000 in damages and an apology last December, but Mr Bates refused the offer. Mr Bates did not respond to a request to comment last night.

      After the decision was announced Mr Levi, 65, said outside court: "I am happy. All I wanted to do was to clear my name and I have done."

      The libel action stemmed from events surrounding Mr Bates's acquisition of Leeds from the Yorkshire Consortium, of which Mr Levi was a member, in 2005.

      In three articles in the club's programme and a letter to club members between 2006 and 2007, Mr Bates alleged Mr Levi had refused to honour an obligation to transfer shares in Leeds United, was trying to blackmail the club, was a "shyster" and had scared off potential investors.

      Mr Levi claimed the publications contained "grave and offensive" libels which "seriously injured" his reputation. Mr Bates defended his comments on the grounds of justification and fair comment.

      Describing Mr Levi as a "credible and reliable" witness, Sir Charles Gray said none of the accusations against him had been justified by Mr Bates, nor were they fair comment.

      In his ruling the judge said the "sting" of one of the publications lay in the reference to Mr Levi as a "shyster".

      Sir Charles said: "That term would in my judgment have been understood to mean that Mr Levi was someone who engaged in sharp, disreputable and dishonest practices."

      The judge said the libels were repeated "on several occasions over a period of 10 months" and the "publishees, principally supporters of the club, were persons whose esteem Mr Levi valued".

      At the centre of the dispute was whether Mr Levi was obliged to give the green light to a share transfer which would have effectively given control of the club to Mr Bates and his backers.

      Mr Levi said he believed there were good legal reasons to believe that a "call option" on the shares had lapsed, but Mr Bates accused him of blocking the transfer for no good reason, and in doing so, forcing him to abandon a rights issue in the club.

      As a result of their stand-off, new shares were issued, which diluted the importance of the call option, left Mr Bates in a stronger position than before – and saw Cope Industrials Holdings Ltd, a company in which Mr Levi had an interest, £1.4m out of pocket.

      The judge said the £50,000 damages he awarded was in respect of the three match programmes but not the letter to club members, which he ruled was covered by qualified privilege.