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  • B4ts B4ts Jul 6, 2009 01:39 Flag

    How to Spend What Little is Left ....

    I certainly wouldn't hold my breath on many/any more players coming into the Leeds squad, quite the reverse I am afraid.The big three are still vulnerable to the exit.

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    • Grayson has spoken about looking at 15 players but without supporting what he says with facts he could have been referring to the Lions rugby team!
      Negotiating deals may be a tricky business but keeping completely stumm about the whole subject comes across as Grayson/Bates sticking two finges up at the Leeds fans.
      Instead of shutting up they should be putting up, and soon, before fans start to turn against the management and Leeds tears itself apart again.
      If Bates has to pay £1.5M for libel that's his business; it shouldn't affect the Club's finances - for then it is director misfeasance. Leeds is in a position to be able to afford the best talent in L1 and if it doesn't get it then there are grounds for a serious investigation into the management of the Club.
      I'm not holding my breath to find out what an unstoppable squad Grayson will have signed for next term (as I suspect you are right, B4ts) but I am saving it to shout for an inquiry if it is as crap as we all expect it to be.
      Come on Grayson/Bates, give us something to smile (as opposed to 'larf') about.