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  • The Dunster The Dunster Oct 20, 2009 04:50 Flag

    Lead shrinks

    You must have a crystal ball. I've just watched it on Sky. Great result for Leeds. I thought Norwich played really well and they look a genuine threat. Huge result and they hung in there at times but fair play they battled hard. How wild did the crowd go when that winner went in. Haha nice one lads and good luck.

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    • Hi Dunster! Some days it just great to be a Leeds Supporter!

    • 'Good to hear from you again, Dunster. Do you know Alan (aka Mystic Heg)? His predictions are usually one or two goals either side short of accurate but this time he was spot on. ( :
      Dunno what it must have looked like to an outsider but, before the game (and for a lot of the time during it) I thought Leeds would be lucky to get a point.
      Grayson is the difference. With an injury hit team he introduced match winning players: Volkes (one to watch) and Gradel (genuine pace); and brought on Gradel and Kandol (to gain field position) at the right time to turn the match.
      Maybe we were lucky (better lucky than good!) but Grayson made that luck - the same side under our last manager would have lost 1-4.