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  • Blue Dog Blue Dog Nov 5, 2009 07:21 Flag

    HEY JEZ !!!!!!!

    30.Jez, Whos the muppet? I never said that you where­ living in the past. Read my posts again as you didnt­ read them properly the first time. So you got that­ wrong. You do have an impressive record so far this­ season as did we last season but as I said its against­ third division teams. So if your honest with yourself,­ it aint that much to be proud of. I never said we­ would be playing in the prem next season. So you got­ that wrong as well. So I'm not as stupid as you­ seem to be. Its about time you and your Friends­ realised that you will never be the great team that you­ used to be. Why? simple you dont have the money and­ unless you get some rich foreigner to buy the club from­ Ken YOU NEVER WILL BE. I know thats painfull for you,­ deal with it Miss Piggy