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  • went to the match at Boundary Park as a neutral (west ham fan me).....
    you deserved the win but the refereeing was bloody terrible, beckfords 2 min walk off was blatant, never mind best team on the day got it.............
    i would like to mention the minutes silence though lads........i hope you get hold of those shyte hawks that sang through it and kick their feckin arses, disgusting stuff indeed....

    all the best


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    • Times hard to live with? Children will have no respect for their parents, etc etc! It is all there to be read! Alan, Andy, Dunster, Ironistic! The problem is not confined to the United Kingdom or even Europe. It is a World wide thing. The Politicians cannot do anything about it. They try half heartedlyil miserably! The same applies to the Church! The words I wrote at the beginning of this post were written over 2000 years ago! So, we haven`t managed to change things yet, OR?

    • Maybe it's a class thing, Alan. RU has a public school ethos. RL crowds tend to be more like football crowds used to be but could easily follow cricket. Cricket crowds are getting more like football crowds. The USA is a less class-ridden society than the UK. Or is it that their chavs, 'trailer trash', can't afford to go to sporting events? Any society that is made up of 'haves' and 'have nots' will result in the 'have nots' being discontent and angry, especially when the media pumps out violent pap and splices it with images of lifestyles beyond the have nots' means.
      The problem with this argument is that many football thugs are not without a bob or two. This is true but what these 'have nots' have been deprived of is education, morality and a sense of humanity. They are a product of the first society to have been raised by mass media.
      I'll get off of my soap box now. Let's talk football!

    • agreed Andre.........im built like a racing snake so the ability to run has always been fortunate......that and the karate...........
      these hoodlums need tackling nationally, jesus; if i were here on holiday i would look around and get out quick...........there in no great left in britain and neither words deserve capital letters at the moment.........we cant even equip our army, brave lads one and all and a shining example to youth .............



    • Dunster, anyone other than a moron would share your opinion. The experience you describe is sickening and, sadly, all too common. If you're built like a brick sit house there's less chance of being attacked because, as you say, these thugs are basically cowards; but numbers, alcohol and knives make them brave. Rather than ASBOs a few rounds in a boxing ring would teach them what time it is!

    • Reading your various views on society etc, lads, makes me wonder if it's just tribal venting of frustrations in life by many people who go to football matches but who have no interest in the game, they have an agenda.
      I mean, personally, my experiences of going to rugby union grounds all over the country over the years has been an absolute pleasure. Intermingling with the opposition fans---in the bars, during the game and after---even with the missus who's rugby crazy.
      One day at Hartlepool watching West v Bath, the missus couldn't see the game too well so their female supporters down the front waved her down with them. Never saw again till after the game in the bar.

    • well Andre and Dunster, im not sure ...........ok american society is perhaps more violent than ours but we are catching up fast............im not sure that america has the breakdown of the family unit that we seem to be suffering in the UK......maybe its more prevalent in lean times....the 70,s saw hooliganism as did the early 80,s.....the 90,s gave many people prosperity and violence on the terraces subsided.....now the 00,s is proving to be a transient period are we to face a rise again?

      as a footnote......its good to have a reasoned conversation and for that i thank you.

      yours sincerely


    • It's very humbling isn't it when you think about it. My grandfather fought in Burma. They had banter at matches then but that was all. These idiots think they're brave men but are nothing but retards as far as I'm concerned. I've been on the wrong end of hooliganism and it makes me sick. All this bollocks about only hurting each other and what have you is complete nonsense. My first away game with City was in 1985 at St. James' Park. Five of us were walking to the ground when someone did the old classic and asked us the time. I turned around and there was a mob of them right behind us. I did the worst Geordie accent ever (which is quite funny in retrospect) but ended up having the crap kicked out of me and losing my two front teeth. The police said I was lucky that I didn't get stabbed. They're just cowardly sheep in my opinion.

    • Good post, Dunster. Maybe it is a tribal thing with all us Brits playing out tribal warring impulses in our genes. It's a romantic take but I can't buy it. My dad was an infrantry man in WWII, at Monte Casino he was one of 97 out of 1100 in his battalion to survive. He knew first hand what bloody battle was about yet when he took me to matches as a kid he always behaved like a gentleman, whether we won or lost. As smart as we think we are these days, there is something to do with dignity that we've lost.

    • Let's face it there are still fans out there who are as proud of their clubs reputation off the pitch just as much if not more than the teams reputation on it. Every club has them. I know of a few at Manchester City and they actually think they're something special because of it. Unfortunately you'll always have it in the game as much as the majority despise it. It's like a tribal thing with these people.

    • Bad form the silence bit, Irons---I see the refereeing situation isn't getting much better either. Good characters on this board, the singing's terrible but the crack's good.
      See if you can cheer the Hammer's lads up, they need it.
      H---Tall Ships 2010

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      • I have a soft spot for Leeds Mr H........the way they have been treated in the past is the main reason for this, i would like to see them up on high once again.........
        I had no problem with the match or indeed the result, although my father in law wasnt impressed...........it was the chanting through the mins silence that got my goat.......
        As for the chanting when a opposition goal kick took place, well, my 10 year old son was convinced they were saying "oooooooo, creamy custard, ahhhhhhhhhhhh"......i didnt have the heart to tell him........

        all the best