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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Nov 10, 2009 04:54 Flag

    Well Leeds

    Ironistic, your posts are always welcome on this board (and there's no 'but' following this comment) as they make honest sense - I usually look for the irony in your comments (as in Ironistic) and it seems that the irony is that there's no irony. Doh!
    Leeds has a rep like your local rivals, Millwall. Although LUFC has done more than any other club to get rid of its thugs some of them still get into our crowds. Every club has them, they just seem to be more noticeable at Leeds cos of our rep.
    There's no excuse for chanting during a minute's silence for fallen soldiers: it's pure ignorance - then, as football supporters none of us are thought of as being anything more than ignorant (I suspect elements of supporters of Oldham, your wife's club, would have done the same at Elland Road).
    Other than kicking thickies, what do you suggest we do to get crowds to behave nicley?

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    • Andre please dont think i was having a pop at leeds, the vast majority of fans at the match held their silence with respect and dignity.......i did hear mumblings in the leeds support telling the chav factor to shut up, rightly so.........i was just trying to point out the disgrace of it........as i did the west ham millwall element ....i meant no offence to genuine fans........
      as for what we do...........if they cant behave ban them.....any club....any venue.......they deserve nothing but our contempt..

      all the best


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      • No offence, Ironistic. I didn't think you were having a pop at Leeds. These things should be discussed; if only on the grounds of 'all it takes for evil to prevail is for one good man to do nothing' and that kinda thinking. It's just what to do. The stuff you mention has been applied at Leeds - LUFC has more banning orders, by a long chalk, than any other club in the UK. I suspect that the problem is cultural. For instance, in the States (still a more violent society than ours) sporting event crowds are well behaved. Why?