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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 5, 2010 00:11 Flag

    Will Beckford stay the term?

    Hi Andre,
    Good question.
    I can only compare it to the legend Trevor Francis at Birmingham.
    I was knee high to a goal post when Jim Smith sold him to Forest. Maybe a good bit of business by the club in a profitable sense, as they had secured his services as a sixteen year old for a top of the range washing machine in his mothers house!
    Then sold him for a pound short of a Million quid.
    That is when the rot set in. The element of surprise had gone, that bit of magic, the talent.
    We spent the money wisely. We bought three experienced (old) players. Archie Gemmill, Frank Worthington and Colin Todd.
    At the seasons end we were relegated.
    We fell into the old third twice during this time, until Steve Bruce took us into the Premiership 2002 and we have yo-yo'd ever since.
    The point is, DO NOT sell your better players for short term profit. Keep them and pamper them until you have at least reached your goal of top flight football.
    It is only a matter of time.

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