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  • Alan H Alan H Feb 18, 2010 20:29 Flag

    Brighton---Biggest Game Of Season

    Struggling and fighting for survival they are---you guys stuffed them 3 nowt at their place but your confidence was high then.
    Grayson's men have just got to get back on track in this one, anything less than 3 points would be a disaster. He knows it, his players know it. An early goal, a fluke, a penalty, anything would set the ball rolling and press the button for the run in.

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    • Are you taking the pizz Andy? Yep, scoring goals is what its all about! Missus change the keyboard to English/USA,
      inadvertantly probably, could have been me, for Alan, and I didn`t realise Andy until too late! You can change the board this way but not the keys! Still no harm done! For the sake of me dinner I did not mention it to the Missus. She wouldn`t have believed me anyway! Hope it is not going to be all nail biting Andy! Just got over it from the Macca period!

    • Marching On, and on, and on,and on, and on together!

    • Get you wrong Andy, never! You are right though, there is definately a fly in the ointment somewhere! Cannot figure it mesen how good results can bring on bad performances! SGs image is taking on a bit of a tarnish but I expect him to get out the old Brasso and give it a polish! Sincerely hope so anyways!

    • Too late Mate! She already has me sussed! Thank goodness it doesn`t effect her cooking!

    • Gunna have a chat to your missus, Easy, and tell her you blame her for everything that goes wrong---poor lass.
      H---marriage counselor.

    • LLT, I don`t mind what he gets back to just so long as it bring in the wins!

    • Easy, please don't get me wrong. Like all Leeds fans I'm behind SG - despite the recent set-backs we're all still singing. SG's survival isn't in question - 'survival' is a term that doesn't even come into the equation; it's all about 'progress' and 'promotion'.

    • Wise words, Steve. In truth, apart from the Walsall game, Leeds hasn't played too badly. It's made a few uncharacteristic defensve errors, and lately has been too often on the wrong end of poor reffing decisions. But the problem it's having is getting the ball in the net - pretty much the whole purpose of the game!
      The club and the fans are still behind SG; though I wonder if all the players are. Introducing new personnel mid-term is likely to have upset the delicate balance of team relationships. Who knows what petty jealousies and politics goes on in the dressing room? This was my point about starting the season by investing in a full squad instead of relying on bringing in ad-hoc loan players.
      When teams like Exeter and Walsall can beat us, something ain't right. What do they know about us that we're not aware of? This is pure consiracy theory paranoia, but I'm beginning to think we have a mole in the club.

    • Alan, I just wrote a reply to your message and it vanished into Yahoo! land. I'm not going to attempt to re-write it... The gist was that, while disappointed with recent results, we're all still behind SG.

    • Colchester get a 5 nowt mauling by Norwich in January which must have sent an electric shock through them. A tidy little run they've strung together since then. Little streak of consistency by the most unpredictable team in the league.
      One to be watched---H

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