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  • saints, millwall, canaries...

    anybody wager a guess/target for points aim from these three tough games??

    i discredit anybody (inside or outside LUFC) who uses a tough run-in as an excuse for dropped points in the next 11 games by the way... we have (supposedly) the best squad in the league, surely the best paid, and a club of our stature, no matter the fall, should never, ever be daunted by the likes of swindon, or to a lesser degree fellow ex-topflight clubs such as charlton, southampton, norwich, which lack our history and status.. thoughts??

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    • They certainly do/did, Dunster. Hoping for 3 points today and Huddersfield Town getting 3 as well !!

    • I've not been on for a while as I've been sulking since the rags knocked us out in the semis. All I can say is fingers crossed and good luck in the run in. They're certainly making hard work of it but there again don't most teams. Let's hope the blips been and gone. All the best.

    • Faith, Begad and begorrah! Faith! Maybe if I mention the german word it might help! Belief is Glaube, Faith is Vertrauen! The difference? It goes that little bit further, the extra mile, the next step say what you will! To say you believe can usually be qualified with the words as far as I know! To have Faith is literally to say I believe without reservation! Nit picking I know but it is the difference between being called "The Old believers" or "The Old faithful"! Have to fill the spaces in somehow Guys! Thing is the message is there for Simon Grayson to read, if he will only do so! I don`t just believe he can get Leeds to Automatic Promotion, I have faith in him to get us to Automatic Promotion! Also I wish to put on record that I have faith in you guys not to falter, which you haven`t really, when the going gets a little tough! We let our feelings be known, Whether we have Belief or have Faith, whats in a word, its all a matter of choice!

    • We've already beaten Norwich (2-1) and Southampton (1-0). Alright, these were home games but anyone who saw them knows Leeds edged the results because they played with more commitment and better organisation all over the park. This wasn't about home-side advantage; it was simply about being the best team.
      Leeds will take this knowledge to the away games, just as the Saints and the Canaries will have it in their minds, and affecting their confidence, when they welcome Leeds. Expect a result in both of these matches.
      Millwall? This, as ever, is a bit of a grudge match - the first loss of the season at the New Den still hurts. If Leeds can't get revenge at ER then it will be down to not 'serving it cold'!

    • 2 wins and a defeat @ Norwich

    • Peter! Wada ya wanna do dat fer? I am actually of the ilk that thinks that the better the opposition the better Leeds will play! Just as other teams raise their games to play us I think that our lads actually thrive on good opponents! Take the manU, Spurs games! Natuarallyyou can taked nothing for granted in Football, but I for one honestly feel that alot of the game is played in the minds of the players, before even they get onto the pitch! That means that they stand or fall partly by their preconceived idea of their opponents! or? So I am taking the view that from the three games we will see a resurgence of the team thatwe had in the first half of the season, a team hell bent on winning!