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    ‘Mustn’t grumble’

    "It's a worse situation than when I was at Leeds because at least the 24 we brought in all came in one go over the summer and we were able to work through with them.” – Kevin Blackwell, after the Blades went down to their seventh successive away defeat in the Championship!
    Despite our recent dip in form things could be a lot worse – for one, we could still have Blackie as our manager! But, ignoring his whingeing and excuses, does KB have a point?
    If Leeds has started this term with a full squad, instead of bringing in loan players on an ad-hoc basis, could it have avoided the dip in form? Had, say, we signed a Rickie Lambert, would Beckford’s manager have dared to play contract poker, and introduce all the disruption this caused?
    It would be easy to blame Bates for this situation, but with so many clubs going bust, and with Leeds already having one of the highest wage bills in the League, and with Leeds’ history of over-stretching itself, Papa Smurf (arrrgh!) is probably right to be careful about spending.
    It’s up to Simon to make the most of what he’s got, and can get, to pull a team together that has the conviction and confidence to win promotion on, more-or-less, the same resources that other teams in this League have.
    Unlike, Blackie, I don’t hear SG complaining about his ‘situation’.

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    • Got to agree chaps,
      Mr B said, before the game, that we had the best team in the league, I think Norwich and Southampton would disagree, however I dont think it was a disaster and still believe we will get automatic promotion

    • Every Cloud has a Silver Lining? Well put Andy!

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      • All in All the result against Southampton wasn't bad as SG says "another game gone and were still ahead of the teams behind playing catch up and they didn't, however, we need to get on a run of wins to strech the lead, I think had we had got a draw today then that would have been a great result Southampton are a good side and only for the fact the 10 point deduction "Aka LEEDS" they would have been up there with us and Norwich, so lets try and look on the bright side we are still 5 points clear of third place, so the dream still lives on till the next game at least.

    • Reading your comments Andy, I recall one of Bates own comments after Fabian Delph left. It was to the effect that there is a small amount available for transfers and that Simon Grayson has proven unique amongst managers in so far as he says he is happy with his squad and does not need to bring anyone in/ viz. spend the money.
      In hindsight then SG's opinion was fatally flawed. JB indeed came off the transfer list in time for the new season BUT we still knew his contract finishes this year. Lambert was going begging at the Bristol club, but we never acted. This of course is all supposing that the dip in form was anything to do with JB, but he most certainly was not putting the ball in the net and another striker(why do they never play Kandol) could well have been the solution. Assuming we get promoted this time, we need 3 good strikers, which will mean buying 3 this summer regardless !

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      • Apparently, Lyn, Leeds did 'try' to sign both Lambert and Barnard but they 'wanted to be on the south coast' - meta meaning: we didn't offer them enough!
        SG does like the loan market. It worked for Leicester and SG's thinking is probably influenced a lot by his time there - meta meaning: SG is Bates' ideal manager!
        Kandol is injured at present, so can't play, but why he's been left out so often prior to this is a mystery - meta meaning: trouble at t' mill?
        To be fair to Bates, it would be niegh on impossible to get decent upper Championship/lower Prem players to sign for a third division club - meta meaning: Bates is saving his pennies for when Leeds is in the Championship.

      • The Leopard will never lose his spots Bats!

      • Lads, SG has always said that he is happy with the squad, and also that he is a big fan of the loan market, and I have no reason to doubt that despite my differing opinions..

        Some loans have worked, others havent... Trundle, Vokes, Lowry (?) have been pretty rubbish, but look at Sodje, Doyle (at times), Gradel (when he was on loan), McSheffrey (at times).. there has been some quality there...

        My issue is how Grayson has used the loan players.. often bringing them straight into the starting lineup at the expense of a LUFC player who has been playing there regularly.. often these loan players are not match fit as they have been sitting in the reserves at their parent club and I have felt for people like Andy Hughes being dropped for Lowry, Becchio being dropped (and Kandol, Grella ignored) for Vokes earlier this year (and if you saw his rubbish miss for the wolves against man u, its not just us he was useless for!!)

        Loan players need to gain match fitness through 20 mins here and there for the first couple of games they are here, such as Gradel did.. they are guys with something to prove but their match fitness is not the same as guys who have been playing 90 mins every week...

        I think gradel has been massively under-utilised since we bought him, something more sinister behind it perhaps??? and i also believe sg has been hasty in releasing some players like my old favourite Prutts, paul huntington etc... competition is not what it was, smaller squad etc and i believe it has led to the complacency we have seen since new year....

        come on lads one zip tonight please!