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  • BRYAN BRYAN May 22, 2010 20:53 Flag


    Well everybody is speculating as to who might come in so who would add value to the team given the limited resources that Bates will make available.
    We need to sign some proven players and the only name I have heard mentioned is Ameobi who may be ok for this division.
    Again Beckford will be ok if he stays, but I think he will go to Everton or Newcastle - and in my opinion is not a EPL player.
    Not sure about Collins either, but who else is available in our price bracket? My fear is a load of loan players who will not be up for it!

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    • If you wanna buy a car buy a Ford!
      Two buckled wheels and a Board.
      A sardine tin to put your engine in,
      If you wanna buy a car buy a Ford!

      Man that goes baxk som years! First car I rode in as far as I remember was the Ford Prefect!

      Snauf Pause, can best be related to take a breath or small break! The same as Hals und beinbruch, which literally mean break your neck and legs! Nice folk eh!

    • John, I don't know what a 'Snauf Pause' is but I reckon it is something like the annoying Ford advert that keeps invading my screen and stopping me using this board. Are you, is anyone else, experiencing this? What is it about? And what does Ford hope to achieve - universal hate for its brand?
      All Ford owners sing: 'no one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us; and we don't care!' Yeah, fine, and we won't buy your vehicles either!

    • Andy, Bats, its called "Recharging the Batteries", "Taking a Break", "Taking a Breather", "Time Out", Snauf Pause" Luft Schnappen" usw etc etc! When Bates makes a mistake and pulls out his cheque book in public, the equivelent of a strealer in Hyde Park, and SG comes out with a really massive signing we will all be there!

    • Good post Andy, your comment that SG is doing the rounds of the freebies is probably right! No use shelling out when yoiu don`t have to! Like the idea of a Bts ruling, better than a bates ruling I suppose!

    • Hopefully Andy or it could even become dire .....

    • You mean, Lyn, that after the WC we will be flush with excitement! ( :

    • Sorry, what, did you call Andy ? I had nodded off with all the activity centering on RSA ! Yes Andy, Bryan I think things will go a little quiet as "the other matter" takes priority, no doubt it will liven up in due course.

    • I suppose I am just getting frustrated at the lack of positive news.
      If Bates really wants to boost income through increased season ticket sales then he has to give the fans some positive reasons for shelling out the £600+ needed.
      A couple of top class signings will do that and he will soon see value for the money he spends.
      I appreciate that SG has to balance the books and also that as a CCC club they will have to pay higher wages than in division 1, but the income in the CCC will be greater due to the increased TV money paid. LU will have made decent money for the last 2 seasons and very little has been spent, so let's see some names that will make the fans sing with joy at the prospect of the new season!

    • Bryan, to try to put a positive spin on things, I'd say it is still too early in the closed season to know whether or not Bates will, as Peter F says, 'get his round in at the bar'. He'd be a damn fool not to as (I think you said this?) Leeds has a golden opportunity to go straight up to the EPL.
      What I think SG is doing at the mo is looking at all Bosman transfer possibilities - it is a mistake to think that these are 'free' because their wages have to be met; it is just that no compensation is paid to other clubs.
      Once SG has 'balanced the book' in terms of players out against players in, then I think he will look at paying transfer fees for a few key signings that will improve Leeds' chances of getting the EPL prize.
      One way or another, Bates (or whoever actually owns the club) will have to stump up the money - £5m at the very least!
      ... To change the sujbect, slightly, there are a number of threads on the board covering the same topic (e.g. speculation, the year ahead, new signings etc) and I hope you don't think we are ignoring your thread by posting on others. When threads get too long (i.e. go over two pages) then we tend to start on new one. This is something Lyn pointed out last year - the B4ts Ruling ( :

    • Maybe we should report Bates to the WWF! Surely we can claim that the moths are an endangered species? As for Bates being an "Honourable" Yorkshireman Bats, you must also remember that money attracts money! So if Bates wants to make some readies then he should release the Moths (Bryan) in his pockets and try to attract a player who will bring in the crowds, as Bryan mentioned earlier!

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