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  • B4ts B4ts May 31, 2010 23:58 Flag

    That proves it ?

    Beckford has gone and it hardly warrants a comment on the board. Thanks for your goals Jermaine and good luck. I think it may be a step too big for you, I cannot think of another player who stepped up from the 3rd tier to the 1st and was successful (Kevin Keegan may just qualify)

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    • Hit em on and move em out! Clint

    • Guy's Beckford has gone, we all know he left LUFC in January this year deal already done with Everton, so lets move on, sure as we all say we would have loved him to stay at LUFC on more season at least but come on would you have stayed one more season, I remember it wasn't too long ago when he couldn't get a shirt at Leeds and was farmed out, and it was only because we couldn't afford to buy someone that he returned and for that we should be happy. I also know that he only played half the season for us after his goal at OT, which set all the alarm bells ringing that maybe he is worth a gamble on for sod all, to be honest I though SAF would have tried his luck and got him as he has a duff player up front. However saying all this I wish he was still here but he isn't so lets move forward.

    • I agree with you Bryan, his mental strength has been questionable. The goal at Old Trafford should have been his cue to take off but he actually went the other way. Several weeks later after being dropped the penny dropped !!! Again as you point out, it was mental strength he probably believed all the next day's paper's instead of his own manager. At Everton he will be a small fish so it will be another learning curve. I wish him well all the same.

    • Bats, Bryan! Beckford has gone and it hardly rates a comment on the board! Despite his last goal he had left Leeds long before he went! As for succeeding, I think Bryan is right and he will hardly leave the bench! His life will be that of a stopgap! Who knows he may achieve some success provided Everton have an injury problem! Is that what he wanted, doubt it very much, but that is what is coming to him unless he gets very very lucky! Everton got him for free and you know what they say! Yer don`t get owt fer nowt un very little fer a penny! With no investment Everton can afford to have him collect his wages and be the eternal substitute!

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      • John, from what I’ve read, Jermaine Beckford is in thrall to, and probably ill-advised by, his agent, Nick Rubery – a rich man’s son, college drop-out and football dilettante. Rubery also runs the careers of Victor Anichebe (Everton – what a surprise Beckford went there!) and of the one-time rising Leeds junior star Oliver Hotchkiss whose potential ended in obscurity at Mansfield!
        I can see how Bates and Rubery wouldn’t get on with one another as they are opposite sides of the same coin – one rags to riches and the other riches to riches – but the up-shot is that the career of a potentially good, but dumb, striker will not develop because of their egos.
        Beckford has been a good servant for Leeds. I really do wish him well for the future but suspect that future might end up somewhere like Mansfield.

      • I wish him all the best, think that West Ham would have been the better option for him and think his playing time will be pretty limited, but hopefully he gets the chance to at least give it a shot..

        Now, if we can focus on who we are going to sign; Paynter, Hulse, Healy, Hooper, Ebanks-Blake, Boothroyd, Chopra, Ameobi???

    • Kevin Keegan certainly did it, Bobby Zamora arguably, but Beckford won't.
      I think he will be lucky to come off the bench, but Moyes is a very good manager and who knows!