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    Tomorrow, when the FA releases the fixtures for next season, we should find ourselves on the Championship boards - if Yahoo! gets its finger out!
    Any guesses as to which team will be first up to play? I'll lay odds on it being QPR - the club Bates supported as a lad.

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    • Well, we are on the Championship board - and only three weeks late! I wonder why Leeds and Millwall are the only clubs without badges on display.

    • The Australian World Cup campaign has been a disaster.. I went to the farewell game against New Zealand, which we won 2-1, and I said to my work mates that I thought we would be lucky to get a point in South Africa..

      Yes, dodgy red cards, (although I think that Kewell, although unfortunate, had to be sent of, even though I felt for him!), but also an old and slow defence, lack of genuine striker.. this time has been overhyped from the squad actually taken. There were no risks taken with this squad and an ageing (2nd oldest WC squad) Australia is simply not up to it.

      But a 2-0 win over Serbia and a 3-0 Germany win over Ghana will see us through thank you very much!

      Think Lucas Neill looks past it?

    • This thread is getting too long. Does anyone have any ideas for a new one? How about Wimbledon - Men's and Ladies' Singles 2nd Round tomorrow - as an alternative to the WC?
      Come on Scottish guy, win it for England!

    • Rukavytsya seems like the kind of striker Leeds needs to play off Becchio or Paynter. If we keep mentioning his name maybe someone at LUFC will pick it up but, somehow, I think Larry has eckford's replacement in mind already.
      Pete, as you are still checking out the board (whilst following Wimbledon!) I thought I'd have a WC whinge for Oz ('Assies are not whingers' - it's official; your team captain says so!). The red cards given to Cahil and Kewell were totally out of order - obviously, you guys haven't been paying your protection money!

    • Katlego Mphela looked okay against France. His CV is a bit hit and miss and how he'd fit into our present strike force is a bit unclear.
      There are so many options out there at the moment but I doubt that Leeds, like most other teams, will make any more signings until after the WC, especially 'decent money' players as their agents will string negotiations out to get the best deal.
      I've heard a couple of rumours about The Chief joining Leeds' coaching staff but haven't seen anything remotely official. Radebe and Larry would make a good partnership - our young manager needs someone with authority to stand behind him.

    • Sounds good!
      I just looked up Katlego Mphela as he looked very impressive today but it seems like Birmingham are after him. He would be just the ticket for LU. Maybe Radebe can influence him as he is reputedly coming back on the coaching staff.

    • He is the fastest player in the Aus squad over 10, 50, 100, 200 and 400 metres too...

    • Well in that case Bryan, bring em on!

    • For nothing he might be worth a try, but if the Aussies think he is only any good to bring on off the bench, then there must be foubts, However he is still young and there may be potential. Let's hope Larry reads this and invites him to the trials.

    • Pete, that Nikita Rukavytsya was chosen to play in Pim Verbeek's Aussie World Cup squad says it all. Whether Larry will pick up on the opportunity to sign the lad is remote. I'd guess that Larry thinks he has enough young strikers with potential in Grella and Soma, but who knows!

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