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    SG's jigsaw

    "Leeds manager Simon Grayson believes he is gradually assembling a squad capable of competing in the Championship.
    The Whites ended an agonising wait to return to the second tier of English football by finishing runners-up in League One last season.
    Grayson has since been looking to strengthen his ranks ahead of the new campaign, which gets under way on 7th August against Derby at Elland Road.
    Leeds have already signed goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, defenders Paul Connolly and Federico Bessone and striker Billy Paynter, but Grayson still wants to continue his summer spending by recruiting a couple more new faces.
    He said: "We're getting there. We're still on with other things and different options keep becoming available all the time but the pieces of the jigsaw are coming together nicely.
    "You find that players become available, then it goes a bit quiet because of the World Cup, but things will pick up again when the players start coming back to training over the next week.
    "We're on with things all the time. I still know where we need to strengthen and we're on with that.
    "I'm not putting numbers on it but we're actively looking to bring players in, build the squad and improve on what we did last year."

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    • Andy, one can only hope, and it does appear to be the case in the main, that Bates listens to Grayson where it counts! That he has to spend some money goes without saying!

    • Easy, like you and your missus shopping for shoes, Grayson and Bates probably started looking at options on signings as soon as they knew Leeds was in the NPC. They will have snapped up whatever bargains were availale immediately but, if they're smart, they'll take their time weighing up the options before purchasing expensive goods. At the same time, the sellers of expensive goods will be drawing out the haggling process for as long as they can to ensure they get the best deal - how soon will it be before footballers appear on E-Bay?
      We have to trust in Grayson to make the right purchases at the right time. As for Bates and trust... well, the best I can say is that he and SG might work together in negotiations in a Mutt and Geoff/Good Cop and bad Cop combination.

    • Andy, Bryan, Peter! When I said no foreigners, or not more than the national contingent it was meant with an eye on the future, not just of Leeds but of English Football! The biggest percentage of the German Team come from Bayern München! Nearly the whole of their back four, well three of them anyway, no wonder they play well together! The rest are handed a German Passport to enable them Deutsche Mannschaft ! They have a very young team at the momen and England have one of the oldest, why? Well because there are no really world class English players in the required number coming into the game! Why? because club use imports thats why! The Footballing Acadamies are not producing and English Football is suffering! Oh the EPL is doing fine, at the moment because of all the big money being spent that clubs haven`t got to bring in the players from abroad! Now having said that I can see that in the short term Leeds don`t have alot of choice! It is like shopping for shoes, womens shoes. I have just spent two months going around with my Missus looking for a pair of shoes, why, because if you do not buy early then you will be hard put to find what you want! The same goes for players! Yes we are still in the first half of the closed season, but if we have to wait until the second half we will find that the shelves are pretty bare!

    • Kuddly Ken is too wick to let it be known how much he has to spend before entering into negotiations with players' agents, but you can bet he has more than one pocket in his money belt; and probably a few extra sweaty quid stashed about his person.

    • OK guy's - no one is disagreeing here.
      Bosmans are OK if you choose quality i.e. Schmeicel, and yes if we are spending money it has to be spent smartly (although there is no guarantee how it will turn out).
      The best teams are always based on home grown talent as Revie proved all those years ago, but sadly the cream of the crop have been sold over the last few years, and what's left is not as good at the moment so we will have to wait for them to materialise.
      But if all you can do is sign Bosmans because no money is available then we are in trouble. Bates has not indicated how much if any money is available and that is the worrying factor. We must have made a fair few pennies since the liquidation, and although the club is on a better financial basis now, there must be a reasonable amount to spend.

    • Sorry, mate, "even Australia" wasn't meant as a put-down; it just followed from you recommending Nikita Rukavytsya.
      Leeds' history involves recruiting talent from remote places (okay, Scotland initially!) and it not only paid-off but helped to develop the 'Leeds Aura' - in marketing terms, its 'point of difference'.
      Love it or hate it, Leeds achieves its best by being slightly different - e.g. in the 1960s, its Scottish agressiveness.
      Today, if it is to get back to the EPL and stay there, Leeds needs to rediscover its identity. To me, that identity is now somewhere akin to the Aussie 'don't whinge, win' mentality. With Killa and Kissa in the squad we're part way there - another signing from Oz might help. Whether any of the South American trialists will fit this Leeds identity remains to be seen.
      It is too early in the close season to start knocking Bates for not spending. When he does (he will have to) I just hope it is on new players that can really make a difference and not some falling stars from the EPL.

    • WE DO NOT WANT A TEAM CAPABLE OF COMPETING IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP! What we want is a Team capable of getting us out of the Championship and into the Premiership! That is what we want, and we want it NOW! If Mr Kenneth Bates honestly thinks that he can do that without spending money then he must be the only person over the age of 21 that still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy!,

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      • The latest is he has a mate who knows all the South American players in Europe who are coming to Leeds for the trials in July.
        Whilst I am sure there will be some good guy's there it is obvious that they would come on a free.
        KB obviously has made no money available to Larry and as a consequence our chances of promotion will be greatly reduced. Whilst I appreciate spending money does not necessarily bring success it would help in getting us promoted as we would have a better class of player than the ones brought in on a free.
        Ken let the moths out!!

    • I like the way the article (from the LU website) says'Summer Spending' when all four signings have been free. At least 3 players have been released so the increase in the wage bill is negligible and still Ken's moths haven't seen daylight.
      We need some REAL quality in their or else the jigsaw will have a few missing pieces!