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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jun 23, 2010 20:08 Flag

    SG's jigsaw

    The latest is he has a mate who knows all the South American players in Europe who are coming to Leeds for the trials in July.
    Whilst I am sure there will be some good guy's there it is obvious that they would come on a free.
    KB obviously has made no money available to Larry and as a consequence our chances of promotion will be greatly reduced. Whilst I appreciate spending money does not necessarily bring success it would help in getting us promoted as we would have a better class of player than the ones brought in on a free.
    Ken let the moths out!!

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    • The more I see of ‘star’ EPL players in the World Cup performing against sides composed of players from sides in leagues considered to be of a lower standard, the more I’m convinced that Leeds doesn’t need to spend big in order to get out of the Championship in one mighty white leap.
      If, say, Leeds signed Rooney would our chances be significantly better than going with a relatively unknown (to the UK media) striker from South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, or even Australia?
      This is not an argument for Bates not to acquaint himself with the moths in his wallet. For sure, Leeds will have to spend to get the right players we still need. I am just convinced that there are players all over the world who are just as good as those in the EPL are that haven’t been over-hyped by the media and who could do a job for Leeds. Let’s get them in, rather than one high-profile British signing that opposition teams will know how to deal with – at the very least it will give us an advantage at the start of the season while other teams work out what has hit them.
      A star signing would make us fans feel good before the season starts but I’ll sacrifice this quite happily when I see Leeds winning games next term. Building a winning team, which is what I think Larry is doing quietly, is all that really matters.
      Bosman Transfers are fine (the ‘free’ part is nothing to do with players’ playing for nowt) and the more players we can get in through this ruling, the better.
      Team harmony is a key factor in football success. Can you imagine how harmonious the Leeds team would be if one or two players are earning N x £ what the others are on?

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      • Team harmony is a key factor in football success! How right you are Andy. You are also right when you say that buying a player the likes of Rooney etc from the EPL is no guarantee for success either. in fact it could have the opposite effect, Just look at the little blip Beckford Manager made last season. can you imagine what the Manager of one of the Dandy Boys from the EPL would be like? There are good players all over the place I would suppose who for one reason or another fancy their chances playing as they say over here "Auf der Insel"! I am sure that SG must have his feelers around Europe just as he has further afield, but lets not forget we don`t want to become another Arsenal or Chelsea with more foreigners than nationals in our side!