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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jun 25, 2010 04:25 Flag

    SG's jigsaw

    OK guy's - no one is disagreeing here.
    Bosmans are OK if you choose quality i.e. Schmeicel, and yes if we are spending money it has to be spent smartly (although there is no guarantee how it will turn out).
    The best teams are always based on home grown talent as Revie proved all those years ago, but sadly the cream of the crop have been sold over the last few years, and what's left is not as good at the moment so we will have to wait for them to materialise.
    But if all you can do is sign Bosmans because no money is available then we are in trouble. Bates has not indicated how much if any money is available and that is the worrying factor. We must have made a fair few pennies since the liquidation, and although the club is on a better financial basis now, there must be a reasonable amount to spend.