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  • B4ts B4ts Jun 28, 2010 22:44 Flag

    "If we want a player we get him" Ken Bates !

    The great man has spoken. I wont bang on about price/cost as it is already well covered.
    Why should KB pay for a player to come to Leeds ? My view is quite the reverse( now ) from the most common opinions aired here. Why should Leeds pay ? As in all walks of life, the labour pool is teeming with those who have priced themselves out of the market or who's expectations were simply too high, football is no different. Look firstly at some of the unemployed managers, O'Leary, Hughes, Keegan, Shearer and a host of others who I cannot even think of. The same has got to start happening with the players and I actually feel that a "Big name" (from a championship perspective) is likely to come our way or to one of our rivals when contracts are not renewed because of budget constraints. Who knows, Smudger may well return to help out the team he supports for £7k a week .... !!!

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