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  • You can speak fluent German, Easy. Tell that German coach with the blue V neck which is too small for him, we'll pay him 10 million a year for the next 10 years if he'll come over and sort our national shyte out.
    H---they made a right Messi of the Argies.

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    • Joachim Löw was assistant trainer to Jurgen Klinsmann in 2006 and many said that he was the real brains behind Germanys success back then! Klinsmann was a talker and good front man, look at his time with Bayern, but Löw was the motivator behind the scenes! He stuck his neck out taking Miroslav Klose with him when Klose had not played any real part in the Bayern team that won the last Championship and Cup! Klose repaid Löws faith in him with his performances in the WM! Though I think the real success here is the German Teams belief in themselves as fostered by Jogi Löw`s belief in them! Sound familiar, it should do, it is what we see as Simon Grayson`s belief in Leeds United that will get him a team who have that same belief! As it say in the Bible, believe and haved faith and you can move mountains! Germany 4 - Argentina 0!