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  • B4ts B4ts Jul 6, 2010 00:07 Flag

    A done deal ! ???

    Well according to one "Red top" we have agreed a deal to sign Lloyd Sam from Charlton Athletic as they cannot afford his terms under a new contract. It may be considered that "Sammy" is coming home as he was born in Leeds in 1984 but moved to London a few months after. One deal that has occured though is our old boss David O' leary has taken a job managing a team in the United Arab Emirates, I am sure we all wish him well and that it is a stepping stone back to a job nearer home at some time in the future.

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    • Leeds U17s are ace so just wait for three years for them to come through. In the meantime, I'd be happy to see SG sign a couple of young South Americans with the oomph to startle other teams in the NPC.

    • I agree with all you say as it is all factually correct.
      Look at the demise of Liverpool. There is a team that has always had home grown, passionate talent in abundance until the foreign managers took hold and brought in first French and the Spanish players, who as you quite rightly point out their agents plied their wares and made a lot of money.
      The Liverpool team for the last 4-5 tears has only had Gerrard and Carragher present as true Scousers and how it has now begun to show.
      I'll stick by my guns and pray that a new crop of good youth comes through soon to get us back to the EPL.appears soon

    • Pete, most of the players you mention were on the 'transfer rumour' list. Negotiations may be still on-going but earlier this week, SG stated that Leeds had considered all player options in the free market and was now concentrating on those who will attract a transfer fee from other clubs - e.g. Hooper who has 12 months on his contract at Scunthorpe and Scunthorpe has put a £2.5M tag on him! SG also says he is sticking to a strict budget, but if he is prepared to spend £500K on Collins the budget can't be too strict!

    • You could make a half decent team out of that lot!
      Aliadiere, DeMerit, Faye, Finnan and Koren would all appeal as would most of the others, (Sodje has been and gone, and although I thought he was good he obviously wasn't committed to the cause).
      A couple of those names would instil a lot of confidence to the fans, and also boost ticket sales as they are good names and the sort of quality we need.
      Unfortunately I think they would all be a dream and unlikely to come.

    • According to Tom Kirwin (LUTV) on Twitter Lloyd Sam is at Thorpe Arch having a medical, signing to be announced this evening or tomorrow...
      Wishing David O'Leary the very best.

    • Oh and we have attained 700 threads on the site now !