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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jul 6, 2010 04:48 Flag

    A done deal ! ???

    Another freebie from a club that is still in Division 1.
    I am now getting worried about our chances of even staying in the championship. We need better quality than this!

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    • Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width!

    • Worry not Bryan. One thing for sure there will be NO money spent by Leeds United this close season, we all have to accept that. At the risk of sounding boring I repeat what has already been posted, money does not mean success. You are from the same old school as me, we were used to Leeds splashing the cash and competing with the best, those days have changed. But before you get too despondent about this situation, who in the Championship has spent any money of note ? Its a pretty even playing field for us in this league and I am 110 % certain we will not struggle, have you forgotten the results against teams from higher divisions last season ? Sure we did not have things all our own way on the league front and there could be several reasons for that, I believe the 13 games in a 42 day spell was the main factor, no silly paint trophy this time !!!

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      • You could be right, B4ts... I hope you are right. A little extra investment could go a long way in the season ahead.

      • Firstly you have got me wrong when you say I am from the old school used to splashing the cash.
        I am from the pre-Revie era when we had no money and eventually Revie got lucky and had 7-8 budding internationals in the academy.
        For me the way to build a team that believes in the club it is playing for has to be built on the youth that is grown in the academy. They don't have to be local (i.e. Lorimer & Gray), but they have to be brought up wanting to play for the club, and no one else.
        You will always have to spend some money even with this basis to bring in the necessary players to fill the gaps, but you will have a passionate friendly team that will be consistent and win trophies, providing you have enough quality.
        As I said before most of that quality has been sold off, so it may be a while before the next crop is ready to be harvested.