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  • Steve Steve Jul 9, 2010 12:17 Flag

    New Signings

    Why is everything hush hush when it comes to signing new players, christ we have spent nowt so far this close season, so why hush hush, I know we have some trialist currently at ER, I also understand that if we name who were are going after then the prices goes up but so far we haven't really put our hands in our pockets, we still need at least four more players to have a backup squad if we are to gain promotion this coming season, as we hear nothing maybe Ken is going to buy us , Gerrard, Cole, Torres and Terry DONT THINK SO so why hush hush. JUST TELL US Andy this is to increase our threads I know we have discussed this on many threads previously

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    • You know what they say Andym knowing is one thing, proving it is another! If this is all done with the players knowledge then it is a simple ruse de guerre, or?

    • Bryan, everyman, Bates and his dog must know that McArthur is just the sort of player we need in midfield, so why is Leeds being so coy about signing him? If all the denials are part of a bargaining strategy then we could lose the guy to a competitor and end up paying the price when we face the side that does sign him.

    • Well I hope they are right as he's just the sort of player we need.

    • Same-old-same-old, Bryan... The Leeds Board must think us fans are mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed sh*t). Despite Grayson denying it yesterday, the following item was on today's news feeds:
      "Leeds are poised to beat Wigan in the race to sign Hamilton midfielder James McArthur"

    • Haven't heard anything but I reckon Bates wouldn't shell out £2M+

    • Have any of you heard a rumour about Leeds signing Nicky Maynard from Bristol City?

    • With the squad as it stands, and a good wind behind it (accepting that it will be without several key players for the opening matches), Leeds could possibly finish the 2010/2011 season in mid-table. To get into the top six, however, the squad needs strengthening at CB, CM, and CF positions.
      The rumour mill has produced few potential signings and, when it has, Larry has surprised us with others. So, leaving aside what we cannot know, which of the players we do know about would best fill the positions that need strengthening?
      CB. We need a player who is solid, not too old, and has pace – DeMerit or Riggot?
      CM. We need a player who is defensive, creative, and not scared of snapping someone – Russell or McArthur?
      CF. We need a player with pace and an eye for goal – Hooper or Keogh?
      The chances of signing any of these players (and maybe a couple of youngsters on loan from EPL sides) are pretty much down to the Leeds budget and the skills of its negotiators. Larry may yet surprise us with other signings. However, given the existing squad and a choice from the players above, what starting line-up would you choose against Derby?
      Answers after the WC final, which I'm just about to start watching - come on... er, the best team!

    • The silence is frustrating, Steve, but it is understandable for pretty much all the reasons you state. A 'free' transfer just means that the player is out of contract with his present club. A deal still has to be negotiated with him or, more likely, his agent. It is just the same as a job interview where the job remains vacant until an offer is made in writing and is accepted in writing.
      What Easy says about managers shouting their mouths off prematurely is true and, thankfully, Simon Grayson is no Phil Brown!
      On Monday we more-or-less knew that Lloyd Sam was going to be signed but it was only announced officially today - lawyers, paperwork etc causing the delay.
      So, what do you think about Sam?
      Sam will be a stand-in for Gradel while Gradel serves his ban. Then, depending on how well Sam does, I'd guess Gradel will be moved into the centre to play behind Becchio and Paynter - but this is a bit premature for, as you say, we need at least three more signings for a full picnic.
      The down side to signing Sam is that it suggests we won't be getting Sanchez Watt back on loan from Arsenal.

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      • I would like to see a new striker come in. We have missed out on Billy Sharp but as he was a Sheffield United reject, that is no hardship. I do not think Grella and Somma can make the progress in the short term and both may be loaned out at various times during the season. I am sure SG has it covered and perhaps it will take all our pocket money to get this final piece to the jigsaw.

    • Bats have you forgotten already how Phil Brown used to mouth off at Hull City, and then end up with nothing?

    • As far as I can remember Leeds always kept potential signings under wraps until the deal was done. As you rightly point out Steve, how can the price of something that costs nothing escalate unless of course it starts to cost something ... ! Sure, in the old days if Leeds were looking to sign a player it did create interest from our competition, I am not sure that has applied for quite a few years. Perhaps the answer is the crafty old fox Bates, if there is some kind of underhand way of dealing then he is adept at that and probably feels more comfortable than playing his cards straight.