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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jul 14, 2010 03:26 Flag

    Pre Season

    Sounds like quite a good workout with Sam & Somma seemingly doing well.
    Also appears that the officials must have been local as they disallowed good goals, denied a penalty and flagged offside wrongly.
    All in all sounds like a lot of positives from a defeat.

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    • 3-1 against an EPL team is a great way to end pre season.
      By all accounts it was another solid performance and somehow we are managing to score goals which is very encouraging.
      I am stilled worried about the size of the squad, but it looks like I have to eat my words as Sam is looking a decent buy.
      No mention of how Bruce performed, and we may will miss Gradel while he serves out his suspension, but it is looking better than it was.

    • Listened to it on the radio last night and it would seem there were some really dodgy challenges,but it gave our players a good workout who did the job in style,The big test i think will be this weekends outing at Wolves,we ill see how good we are before the start of the season

    • Would be just our luck that Snoddy would get maimed in a tackle in Norway and miss the start of the season.. was it the weather or the nasty opposition who were responsible for the reportedly large number of dodgy challenges???

    • Stay and develop ER, Steve.

    • Andy,
      I hear what your saying and along with everyone else, we have brought in new faces ok for nowt, but do we want more loan signing's I forgot about the redevelopments going on at Elland Road and that is where KB is focusing on at the cost of signing new players, I agree without a team it's a waste of time doing the work's. It's not that long ago that Leeds were going to move to a new stadium, sure not under KB, what do you guy's think should we move or stay and redevelope ER

    • Hi Steve, it is good to see that you are still checking in from outer Romania and keeping up Leeds' worldwide folowing.
      I doubt that SG will wait until January to bring in additional players as (a) he needs them now and (b) it didn't work the last time he tried it. What I think he will do now, having failed to recruit the targets he was going after, is sign young EPL players on loan for the season to back-up the key positions. It might work (we might even get lucky) but what it signals is an ambition that is no more than consolidation in the NPC.
      Long-term planning is good but, I fear, it overlooks the opportunity of this season being the best we can expect to get back to the EPL. What is the point of putting resource into a LUFC hotel if the LUFC brand remains second division? LUFC has to work as a successful business, for sure, but LUFC business will only work if LUFC is successful. Okay, it is a chicken and egg situation, but if KB wants Leeds to lay some golden eggs for him he will have to put the chicken first.

    • Didn't Norwich lose 6-0 the first game of the season, so lets not worry too much into this friendly, it's just what SG needed, he will learn from this and so will the players, money will be spent but I'm sure it will be in January whatever position we find ourselves in, hopefully in the mix of the playoff's.

    • See, when I mentioned 5 Woodbines to Bryan there I was dropping you a hint of what the score would be.
      But I've got to come clean here, I've got no interest in friendly games and with living out of town I didn't even know you guys were playing Pools or I would have made the exception and gone.
      Didn't twig on till I was driving through Hartlepool around 5 and saw guys walking around with white shirts on with names like Howson and Becchio on the backs---I was talking to a guy in the pub half an hour ago and he said Pools were robbed.

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      • Got it, Alan! I'd forgotten about your Mystic Heg persona. It is gracious of you to take the loss on the chin like a true sportsman. Your pal in the pub was absolutely right, Pools was robbed. Not of the five goals but of the gate money it will no longer recieve from playing Leeds. There were more Leeds fans (the ones wearing YELLOW shirts with names like Howson and Becchio on the back) at Vic Park for the friendly today than Pools pulls in on average for League fixtures.
        We will miss playing you. Tell Turner to get his finger out (or just get out) so Pools at least can make the play-offs and hope to get our fans watching the cute antics of Arnold the Pools' Monkey again.

    • Much better! The last game against Pools was a 2-2 draw. Do you think the 4-5-1formation helped?
      Beckford's attitude and work-rate used to let him down; if he can lose the first and up the latter, which he will have to do in a Prem team, then he could do well.

    • Let's hope Simon can speak Portugese, Easy.

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