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    Simon’s signings

    Simon Grayson signing a new, three-year contract with Leeds is encouraging.
    Whether it happened because of the rumours about him moving to Leicester, after Nigel Pearson left for Hull, or it was on the cards anyway is something we may never know. It is just good to see Bates showing support for our young manager who, after looking at what he has been doing to build a team, I believe, has a credible plan to get Leeds back to where it belongs – the EPL.
    Both Grayson and Bates have come in for a lot of opposition from fans for signing ‘freebies’. This is unwarranted. Getting players on Bosman contracts is simply good business sense – why pay another club a fee? The players that Grayson has signed so far would all be good additions whether they were under contract to another club or not.
    Just look at them:
    Kasper Schmeichel - a great signing! It would brilliant to see him blossom at Leeds. It is a chance for him and Leeds to get where they both want to be, at the very top.
    Billy Paynter – had a better record in L1 than Beckford. He got off the mark in the game with MFK Kosice, scoring a volley. There have not been many volleys scored for the Whites since Delph left and we got used to Beckford’s mad dashes against defences. Paynter seems like he is hungry for success and will not be fazed by the pressure of Leeds’ traditions and expectations – maybe because he is a Scouser ( :
    Paul Connolly - another Scouser, is a tough player who will thrive in big situations, which at Leeds he is sure to get. As a 26-year-old, he will be playing at Leeds in his prime. He told Tom Kirwin in his first interview that he wants to "make a big impression playing by doing the simple things". At Leeds, he has the opportunity to get what he wants.
    Federico Bessone – is a good attacking player who will be challenging Ben Parker for the left back spot. In the MFK Kosice game, he had a lot of possession up the pitch and got a few crosses in. His overlapping running puts the opposition on the back foot and is what Leeds lacked last term. I hope that he will supply Paynter, Becchio and whoever (?) with whipped-in crosses - another excellent signing!
    Neill Collins - seems to be a no-frills player. He came in at a difficult time last season with pressure boiling over and he handled it well. There is room for improvement but, again as a 26-year-old, the best of in him will come out at Leeds and I think he will grow on us fans.
    Lloyd Sam - was brilliant when he played against Leeds and now he is playing for us. He has the threat of pace, like Gradel. He will keep Gradel on his toes as well as offering Leeds a more attacking style of play – something that was missing last term.
    The ‘credible plan’ that I see Grayson is working on to get Leeds promoted is, simply, building a team from the back. I do not just mean that his first signing was a goalkeeper. He began with the backroom staff. Matty Pears, the new, young Fitness Coach, is developing the squad in completely different ways to the old regime of, basically, making players run until they retch – possibly the reason why Leeds faded after New Year last term.
    A fit squad is one that produces a team able to out-play and overcome opposition.
    All Simon’s signings so far have been about strengthening weaknesses and doubling-up strengths. Until the transfer window shuts, there is still time to sign a few more players. SG will know better than any of us what positions need further strengthening and I do not doubt (even working within the Leeds Board’s budget) he will get the right players in at a price which other players in the squad will understand and accept.
    What is really encouraging, and critical to success, is that for once Leeds as a club seems to be moving together as a unit, as a team; this is down to Simon Grayson.

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