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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Aug 4, 2010 23:32 Flag

    How clever is our Ken?

    This article in yesterday's Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/aug/02/liverpool-kenny-huang-tv-rights?CMP=twt_gu) explains why billionaires are investing in football brands. It is not because they see them as playthings for the über-rich but because they recognise that, as broadband technology develops, there is a pot of gold in worldwide PPV TV rights. The revenue from crowds of 40,000 inside Elland Road would not come close to the money that worldwide broadcasts will generate.
    Peter Ridsdale introduced LUTV without being aware of its full potential, but Ken Bates didn’t miss a trick. Taking back the Club’s radio broadcasting rights and charging those outside of the Leeds area was a very clever, if unpopular, move. Linking live match radio commentary with the Leeds brand made LUTV a saleable package, especially for all those tens of thousands of Leeds fans exiled abroad and it is netting the Club a healthy profit.
    It would seem that our Ken is either a far-sighted financial genius or a tightwad whose money-grubbing has led him to stumble upon the means to an absolute fortune that he is unaware of.
    If KB is aware of this potential for LUTV then he is being remarkably cool about it. Let’s face it, LUTV is crap. To lift it above its present hospital broadcast standard will require investment. In addition, for the Leeds United brand to build on its worldwide fan base it would have to be competing in the EPL at least and, again, this will require investment.
    Ken certainly isn’t investing in LUFC, so what is he doing?

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