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  • BRYAN BRYAN Aug 5, 2010 17:53 Flag

    How clever is our Ken?

    It sure is andy.
    He won't be making any fortune out of it now but in the future it would be a veritable goldmine.
    I could even see him selling the club, but retaining the audio an TV rights for himself.

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    • In Watergate, Deep Throat advised "follow the money". With Ken that is neigh on impossible. He is a wily operator. I admire him for it but wouldn't trust the old lump as far as I could throw him.
      Obviously, KB loves football, as well as the cut-and-thrust of dealing in the business of football, and I'm happy that he is guiding Leeds out of debt etc. On the other hand, because of all his dark dealings, I'm not sure that he is on-side for Leeds as much as himself.
      Leeds United is a valuable brand, as the Guardian article highlighted. Without transparency in its ownership and therefore accountancy, the potential to milk it for private gain is enormous. For instance, when Ken says that the rent for ER adds £2 to every ticket, there is no way of challenging this because we simply don't know where other revenus are coming from or going to.
      Ken is old. By the time the technology for multi-media streaming of LUTV is available Ken may no longer be around. So who will benefit from all his convoluted dealings? The prolem with age is that people start to forget. If Ken forgets where he hid things the chances are that no one will ever benefit from all his cleverness.
      The words 'shroud' and 'pockets' come to mind.