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    Face the fear and get over it

    We have lost our first opening game in 21 years, so what! It had to happen sometime. Leeds just has to look at what went wrong and remedy it. Here we could get into recriminations because what went wrong is what we have know all close season would go wrong if we didn’t make the right signings.
    We needed a strong defensive midfielder and we did not get one. Derby ripped right through our centre because there was no one there to stop them. Bruce could have done a half-decent job there and I cannot understand why Grayson did not play him – or even bring him on as a sub when Naylor got a yellow card.
    Becchio got on the score sheet but only because his was gifted the goal. Compared to Hulse, Becchio was an also-ran. In addition to a DM, Leeds needs a proven goal scorer.
    There is still time left in this transfer window to make good on our weaknesses but this will require a bit more investment – when Ken says clubs should be run on good business principles does he mean those of an accountant of those of an entrepreneur?
    On the up side, Leeds did okay with a weakened squad. Most of our best players were not available for this game.
    I just hope that it is not another month of defeats before we start to make an impact on this league because, by then, it is likely to be too late to keep up with the front-runners.

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    • Great post and very true!
      That team lived and breathed LU, and I know as I was friends with most of them. When they were out on the town they were only too proud to be playing for LU which they regarded as the best team in the country, and quite rightly so. Even Jackie Charlton who was an old stager at that time would have used his fists to defend them.
      The money has spoilt the game and we now have too many journeymen on the pitches up and down the country who are only interested in one thing.
      Maybe wages should be geared more to results with no pay for a loss.

    • Perhaps the most overlooked factor of it all is that all those phenomenally talented players on that video were bought for next to nothing from Scotland. No-one had ever heard of them before but no-one would ever forget them again.

      In a dream (and some nightmares as well) that lasted around 11 years, Leeds shot up from candidates for relegation to Division 3 to promotion and runners-up in both the league and the FA Cup in their first season. During those 11 years, if Leeds had won every time they finished second as well as first, they would have hauled in 7 League titles, 4 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, 1 Champions Cup, 1 Cup Winners' Cup and 3 Uefa (Fairs Cities) Cup. I'm relying on memory here so please pardon any wrong statistics.

      Anyone who has heard the likes of Lorimer, Madeley and Bremner interviewed in the nineties and even later can feel their sense of belonging and loyalty to the club. This is the proverbial thirteenth player if one assumes the amazing support of the club to be the twelfth player. How many players, not just at Leeds, can boast of such loyalty and pride to wear their club shirt. We seem to have forgotten the incredible powers of motivation. It's all money, money, money nowadays.

      If money is the language they want to speak the club should pay double their salary in case of a win, a minimum wage when they draw and nothing, zilch, if they lose. If that splendid white shirt stirs no emotions in them, maybe an empty pocket will. My view, and I'm sure I"m right in this is that the players feel no pain in a defeat. I am talking about that nasty feeling we supporters get around the stomach area when we hear, say, that an hour was not enough to recover against Derby at home. If only the players were supporters as well...

    • Re: the Youtube vid.
      Ah, happy days!
      "It is almost cruel"... "They were trying to nail us but we were just too quick for them"... ("His name is Billy Bremner and he's the leader of the team; he is the finest footballer the world has ever seen...")..."Get it on, bang a gong, get it on"....
      I swear the spirit of 'that Leeds' haunts Elland Road to this day, and is there to be called up again.

    • The last time we lost an opening game (5-1) to Newcastle, we went on to win the Division II title (Championship) and follow it up two years later by the Division I title. Who knows if this is a good omen.

      As for yesterday's match, we stole a 1-2 defeat condemning Derby County to a result that can only be described as a travesty of justice. Infinite thanks to Schmeichel - without him it could so very easily have been 1-6.

      I said this before and I will say this again; having a good passing game is the key to further progress. We haven't got it. There are coaches/managers around who have managed to instil a passing game culture in their teams and we desperately need one.

    • Well at least we know we have been talking sense on this board.
      Our failings were very evident, and my biggest disappointment was the lack of the flowing football we were able to produce in the first half of last season last season.
      We will improve, but if Derby are the yardstick we will do no better than mid table which for me would be very disappointing as I still believe this is the best season to get up in a long time.
      Still, the other results show it will be a close call for all involved and there is still time for us to improve which we surely will.

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      • Yeah, all valid comments, lads. I'm not trying to be condescending or diplomatic but it pays not to read too much into the first result of the campaign and I'm sure you can throw examples forward. Grayson spoke well for me after the game, Brian Clough smiled in heaven and Pools are now 13th in league 1---I'll settle for that now.
        H---long season ahead, you guys in the top 6.

      • Yep, Bryan, our failings were evidently in defence, but so were Derby's; it was just that Derby had a better plan of attack. Simon's signings, or lack of them, semaphored that Leeds was going to play a wide game so Nigel Clough just concentrated his attack down the centre - it didn't take a football genius to work that out! Simon and Ken now need to get their heads together/get on the same page and sort the problem out.
        Kasper Schmeichel was deservedly the man of the match but did anyone else notice that he was largely responsible for the route one style of football that Leeds ended up playing? I'm guessing that this was his way of showing that he did not have much faith in a team that was unable to help him protect his posts.

    • Absolutely agree, we need a DM but am sure the problem simon is having is who would occupy the the other two position. we definitely need Kilkenny for the creativity and passing ability, so Howson or Johnson has to bench it. tough call if u ask me.

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      • A good comment. Welcome to the board, Chigozie!
        As Simon says, there is always going to be competition for places so strengthening the squad won't change that. When Snoddy and Max return, the competition for midfield places will intensify. Howson and Johnson have too much potential to be side-lined permanently but a defensive element in midfield is needed. We just can't rely solely on the CBs - though Kissa and Bruce will restore more confidence there.