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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Aug 14, 2010 02:43 Flag


    B4ts, Peter wrote about you, “I have always loved your optimism and supported it”. I endorse this. A few seasons back, I was slated on this board for being optimistic (I think I was called ‘Mr Optimism’, Optimism Man, or something like that – you will remember what was said better than me as you usually do) so I empathise with what you are saying now. I just think you are being unfair in criticising other posters for ‘negativity’.
    Having read our recent posts, I just do not get what you mean when you say, “a great deal of negativity has been visited on these boards”. Can you be specific?
    Although I have occasional doubts about some of Simon Grayson’s judgements (he is a young manager and this is to be expected), I wholeheartedly agree with you that he is “our best manager for several years”.
    As fans, we may support Simon but the support he really needs comes from the Leeds board. You say that Simon is under severe financial constraints, ‘he was dealt a stinging blow with Paynter’ and that if possible he would get another striker. Do you know, actually, what financial constraints he has? It seems that no one, other than the invisible owners of Leeds, knows this.
    As Peter pointed out, Leeds “has a larger budget than many Championship clubs, greater revenue streams, greater likelihood of convincing players to move to us etc... “ so it is reasonable to ask why the Club is not making the significant signings it needs to cut-it in the league it has just entered.
    Simon did say that Paynter was not a replacement for Beckford. I guess he was thinking that Hooper would replace Beckford but we did not get Hooper, so, what is going to happen now?
    The latest rumours are that Leeds is looking to sign Charlie Austin (Ipswich), and/or Adam Le Fondre (Rotherham) but as neither are any better than Somma it seems like Leeds is scraping the barrel after all the best players have gone to other clubs.
    On the up side, I agree with you that ‘reject’ players from one club can become stars at another (there are loads of examples, and Johnny Giles is a great one). I believe that Connolly, Bruce, and Bessone will do a job for us. On the other hand, why SG paid £500K for Collins is a complete mystery.