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  • Alan H Alan H Aug 29, 2010 19:41 Flag

    Boring 3 Points?

    A rubbish game by all accounts, difficult to tell judging by Simon Grayson's clock---he smiled all the way back from the gap.

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    • Pools---the referee was shyte, the 1st 3 were offside, and the second 2 dead lucky.

    • Rubbish,boring,scrappy,full of missed passes and stoppages but we came away with the 3 points and that`s all that matters

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      • Results count, and three points away to Watford is valuable, but the scrappy game at Vicarage Road made Sunday League football look good!
        Does anyone have an idea as to what Simon’s plan might have been?
        Simon would have known that Watford’s style of play is very direct – i.e. get the ball into the final third and rely on strikers to muscle a goal. Naylor and Collins should be able to deal with this kind of threat but on Saturday, the whole team seemed to join in. Leeds mirrored Watford’s style!
        Was this a plan or a reaction?
        Rather than getting the ball down and playing it, Leeds joined in the hurly-burly of scrapping, heading, and lumping it as much as Watford. Passing was poor from both sides and, apart from Kasper’s handling, creative play was almost non-existent.
        We played Watford at its own game and got a result: great! However, the game could have gone either way. Leeds produced no surprises on its team sheet. Malky MacKay would have been happy with that as he did not have to revise his preparations, and we were lucky to win.
        Simon’s loyalty in sticking with his starting XI is laudable and shows what a faithful guy he is. Sadly, this commendable personal trait is also a possible weakness; it makes him predictable and other sides will take advantage of it. Nothing Leeds did at Vicarage Road (maybe apart from Naylor’s goal) would have been a surprise for Watford.
        Simon seems to be struggling with two conflicted ideas about team selection. The first is having a team which he will be loyal to and that is consistent through knowing how to play together. The second is having a team that achieves excellence through competition for places.
        For instance, Becchio has an excellent work-rate and is a great hold-up player but he is not a killer goal scorer. Somma (three goals in two games), it would seem, is. So why leave him on the bench?
        It was good to see McCormack make a cameo appearance. Yet, after only one training game with the club, should he have been preferred to Somma? As for the consistency of regular team players, Bradley Johnson might have been kicking for the Leeds Rhinos, not LUFC!
        One thing for sure is that, after the Watford game, Simon will know that whatever team he picks it will have to improve its performance from this match.

      • Welcome back LLT ! and on a happy note.