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  • You guys frightened of swan's or summit.

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    • 59 you are, Andy, so a man of caliber should know stuff like this. I'm afraid Bryan failed miserably so the pair of you get nowt marks.
      Bald as a badger Scoular played for Newcastle, Pompey and Bradford P A. On the line also that day, watching, was a guy called Kevin Hector who made a bit of a name for himself. He was born in---Leeds.
      H---football archives.

    • Don't know whether I've said this before on here regarding Eddie Gray because alzheimer's is setting in, But way back when I played against him at Leeds and I was wing half for Bradford Park Avenue youth team. Jimmy Scoular was the Bradford manager then and he liked to use a bit of bad language. Revie was pacing the opposite touchline giving Gray instructions and getting a bit excited.
      Half time Scoular shook his head, " Don't know what fuskcing Revie's getting a hard on for, that Scottish kid's got as much chance of making it as you fuskcers. "

    • So now the club's eased into the Championship battle, and after my assumption last season that the league is shyte, how's your confidence now. Grayson's doing his bit for me under his financial restraints, he's pulled some useful guys in there. Are you going up or what.

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      • Think we will have a better idea once we get the next 3 games out of the way and see where we are. Swansea are are a team in form and will IMO give us the toughest game at home so far this season, and of course there are the 2 derby games against our poor relations from south yorkshire.
        If we can come away from these 3 games unbeaten then i think that it will we show that the squad is strong enough to mount a serious push for promotion, and that we can mix it up no matter what the team or the occasion.The derby games will be a marker as we all know that the passion and atmosphere can get to players and sometimes effect how they play.
        QPR aside i do not see anyone who we need to fear, and i still think that we could take points from them if we play like we did against millwall.
        The futures bright, the futures white!!!!

    • SWAN. Pluck like a chicken or goose, scald, or boil; spit, skewer in four places, and roast with all its feet and beak, and leave the head un-plucked; and eat with yellow pepper.