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  • This game will be very tough despite PNE's lowly position.
    I have seen them a few times in TV and think they have been a little unlucky to lose matches. Fergie jnr. will be getting help from his dad and I think he has built an interesting team.
    After Saturdays poor showing we must find that mid-field creativity that has gone missing since last year. I know it is harder this year than last, but unless the fluency we had comes back quickly we will lose or draw matches we should win.
    That said we should win this match and win it well. I would hope for 3-0, but will settle for 1-0 as long as we play with more style.

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    • Very good post Peter! I do not have your analytical ability when it comes to football! My approach is more to do with gut feelings, passion, pride and an expectation that the players will earn their pay!

    • Peter, obviously you are sharing the same pain as the rest of us. That comes with supporting Leeds, but Tuesday night’s defeat was historically the worst we have suffered. It hurts because it is incomprehensible.
      Slating individual players is pointless. I disagree with your comments about Collins because if you look at the goals, they all came through our right side, between Hughes and Bruce. The one that sums it up is the fifth, where Bruce got far too tight and Parkin turned him easily. Preston’s Hume was getting so much time because he was dropping into space that should have been picked-up by our midfield, and neither or our centre backs wanted to mark him in the hole.
      The team as a whole, not individual player, failed and Larry has to own this failure. The problems would not have arisen had he started with a different line-up.
      Collins, Bruce, McCartney;
      Gradel, Kilkenny, Sam;
      McCormack, Somma
      In this line-up, the midfield would have been supportive, the defence would not have had to cope with endless corners, and our attack would have been free to do what it does best.
      Instead, Larry gives the captain’s armband to Howson, the youngest member of the team, and invites him and Johnson to live their Roy of the Rovers dreams of attacking the Preston goal for glory – surely, Larry must know that the average mental age of a football player is 12!
      The cry going out now is for a ‘leader’ in the team. IMO, Schmeichel is a natural leader but as he is not available until after the international break, I can see Larry bringing Naylor back and we will be where we were when we faced Barnsley – the usual suspects and good old 4-4-2!
      Come on, Larry, you can do better than this!

    • Six goals shipped equals Richard Naylor at centre back against his former club this week. Who pairs with him, whether it is Bruce, Bromby, Faye, I don't know, but surely not Collins. Does Crowe come in at right back for Hughes, with Connolly injured?
      Now is the time to hit the emergency market. CB is the priority. I wish we had the option of a Rui Marques, Paul Huntington or even Lubo right now, as our stocks at the back are very low and of an average standard to say the least. Why so much time was spent assembling such an able midfield and strike force, on paper at least, and freebies and Collins were the sole arrivals in the backline, I will never know. The signing of Kasper signalled to me that SG saw his defence as a prioirty - how wrong I was.
      Sort it out now SG, because we are the laughing stock - not only of England, but also of my workplace in Melbourne, Australia!

    • Disgraceful, embarrassing, pathetic shamozzle. Lame attempt at a half of football. Goodness gracious me, when I arrived at work on Wednesday morning @ 7am I asked a colleague (Scottish) if I could use his computer to check the LUFC score... He laughed and said you lost 6-4, to which I replied "righto you $%&$ let's see what really happened..."
      The rest is history. I work for a British company here in Melbourne, and the many ex-pats (mainly Spurs fans with a few hammers and a manc thrown in for the sake of cultural diversity) took great delight in lauding the efforts of PNE all day...
      Do I think SG is the right man for the job? Yes. He bleeds white, dropped a division to be with us, turned down the chance to jump two divisions to stay with us, got us promoted and has managed some handy results at times this season. Does he have the personnel or the tactical flexibility to achieve promotion? No, but we must not forget that back to back promotion is a very difficult and, at times, unreasonable task to ask for. What we can ask for, justifiably, is the retention of pride, the ability to speak with love about our team. Bats, we didn't concede eleven goals in 4 games - we conceded eleven goals in 2 games. We kept clean sheets against two sides who will struggle to score many this season, and we conceded near a dozen against two sides I picked in my bottom four this season. Only Bristol City have conceded as many goals as us at home, and quite frankly, that is absymal. There have been three games I have been very confident beforehand of winning - near certainties this season - Derby, Barnsley and PNE. Perhaps I am the jinx, and I think that our trip to Portman Road will end in a 3-0 defeat (come on reverse psychology!) I think that, having watched the highlights, Shane Higgs is not of CHampionship standard. Extending his deal whilst signing Kasper, and with Higgs perenially a lower league player, screams of playing it safe. What chance Brighton & Hove loan us Casper? If, as it seems, Kasper will be out of action for a while, then a goalkeeper who is seriously going to challenge Higgs must be brought in. Whether that is Brown, a man who is used to playing second fiddle, and whose only real experience is at Gillingahm, I don't know. If he was brought here to realistically challenge, then he must start on Saturday. No excuses. If he wasn't, get rid of him and get somebody else in.
      Our defence looked stagnant for the majority of their goals. McCartney's challenge for their penalty was clumsy, lazy, unnecessary and reeked of a man who is out of his depth in terms of playing professional football on a regular basis. I doun't doubt his ability, and indeed lauded his signing, but his lack of match practice and fitness found us seriously wanting on Tuesday evening. Hughesy, as much as I adore him, cannot cut the mustard. But the serious problem area? CB. Collins is a disgrace. He should have been BOG against his former club, where he was deemed unwanted and surplus to requirements. Instead, with a point to prove, he simply proved that PNE were rid to throw him out with yesterdays banana skins. Bruce looked perplexed and disinterested, and although I rate him highly, clearly played as if he was worried about the retention of his spot, with a certain ginger club captain a favourite of the boss and a certainty to return in the case of one minor error.

    • I'm going with 6-4 to PNE.. Crazy I know but I reckon it could happen... when's the game? hope I got my tip in on time!

    • Hmmm, indeed, B4ts. You are quite right. We are talking about a manager who we have all praised, deservedly, for what he has achieved with meagre resources. Unless he screws up totally, any notion of getting rid of him is ridiculous. Larry is a young manager with the potential to become a great manager for Leeds. He has to be allowed to make mistakes that he can learn from.
      My criticism (and I am only criticising, not slating him) is that he is predictable.
      "The very tactics that got a 4 -1 lead" also allowed a needless early goal. The defence we praised in the Doncaster game came about because Larry was forced to make changes following the 5-2 humiliation at Barnsley - another team we should have beaten in a match where Larry refused to make changes, even though every fan and his dog could see they were needed.
      'Competition for places' is Larry's often stated credo but his interpretation of it seems to be 'stick with same and don't make waves unless forced to'. It is the thinking of a frightened rabbit, Why? Is Larry afraid of upsetting the delicate egos of his players? FFS, he is the boss!
      IMO, the only mistake Larry has made is being predictable and I hope he will learn from it.

    • As difficult as it is to defend a team that has shipped 11 goals in four games I think we need to cool down. Quite what went wrong when you throw away a 4 - 1 lead, I do not claim to know. Tactics ? Hmmm, the very tactics that got a 4 -1 lead in the first place. Poor defence ? Hmmm the one we were praising after the Doncaster game. Managerial naivety ? Hmmm, the guy who got us to the Championship a few games ago. No, SG has some learning to do quite obviously but get rid of him, not on your life (unless we go 13 games getting stuffed) and then Bates will show him the door. Gentelmen, cast your mind back to early January when a first division team beat the biggest club in the world on its home soil. It seems your only as good as your last "cock up" Hmmm ?

    • Bryan, what is more than just 'deflating' (in fact, bloody galling) is that PNE were there for the taking.
      Darren Ferguson must have thought all his Christmases had come at once when he saw the Leeds team sheet. Same team and same 4-4-2 with an undefended midfield that he, like so many teams before that he must have watched, could charge his heavy brigade through!
      Preston's early goal was no fluke. Leeds did well to recover, shock Preston and exploit its weak defence - which is why Preston was there to be taken. But Preston stuck to its game plan and, as it already knew what Larry's was and that he wouldn't change it, it was only a matter of time before it paid off. And, boy did it pay off!
      Larry can't blame the players without looking at his own shortcomings - rabbit in a headlight

    • Funeral March maybe?

    • Easy, that is the kind of impassioned post we have been missing from you. Keep 'em coming!
      PS What tune was it set to?

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